Learn HCM Data Loader online
Learn HCM Data Loader online

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In this article I will guide you through learning HCM Data Loader and some of the advanced features of HDL including the configuration, SET commands, Source System Owner, Sample HDL Files, etc.

Links to the HCM Data Loader articles:

  • Basics of HCM Data Loader in Fusion
     1,654 total views In this article we will go through the basics of HCM Data Loader aka HDL which is one of the most familiar data loading tools in Fusion HCM. Here is the Agenda for this post: What is HCM Data Loader?Configure HCM Data Loader ParametersWho Can Load Data Using HCM Data Loader?Navigation of HDL […]
  • Sample CostAllocationAccountV3.dat HDL file
    Sample HDL file to load Cost Allocation Accont details. Also look into how the cost allocation details are setup and check details on it.
  • Configuring HCM Data Loader Parameters
     1,060 total views One of the first step to use HCM Data Loader is to Configure the HDL Parameters. In this article we will discuss available options and evaluate pros and cons for each. Want to learn Fusion Technical tools? Checkout this article Where to Configure the HCM Data Loader Parameters? Navigate to Setup and Maintenance and Search […]
  • Defining Source System Owner for HCM Data Loader
    Do you know how to configure Source System Owner in Fusion HCM for HCM Data Loader? Read on to know more details and how to use it in HDL files
  • SET Operations on HDL file in Fusion
    Do you know all possible SET Commands that can be used in HDL? If not go through this article it lists all possible SET commands for HCM Data Loader
  • SQL Query to get Supervisor Change HDL for Assignment
    Do you know how to create the supervisor update HDL file using SQL Query? Within a few minutes you will be able to update supervisor for a bunch of employees. Read on to know more details.
  • Cancel an existing Work Relationship using HDL for employees
     753 total views In this article we will look into cancelling an existing Work Relationship of an employee using HDL process. We can prepare the HDL file with the required user keys to delete the work relationship. Sample HDL to delete Work Relationship(Worker.dat): When we have a requirement to cancel multiple work relationships due to bad […]
  • Sample HCM Data Loader (HDL) files for all Business Objects
    Are you facing issues with loading dat files to HCM Data Loader and need help with the sample files? You can get sample HDL files for most of the business objects in this article.
  • New Deadline for Payroll Batch Loader 20D Nov 2020
     1,610 total views In this post we will look into the PBL to HDL mapping for business objects and things that we need to take care of before the PBL is decommissioned by 20D. If you check the previous article Oracle has provided a deadline of 20C for decommissioning Payroll Batch Loader aka PBL. However they have […]
  • Generate HDL file for failed business object Lines
    Do you know that we can generate the failed business object file lines in the format of dat file by clicking the “Extract Failed Lines” feature from 20B. Read on to know the configuration required for it.
  • Resolving Assignment Name and Job Name not in sync issue
    Do you know how to fix the Job Name and Assignment Name are not in sync issue on Employment page? What could be the reasons for this corruption of data and how to correct it? Read on to know more details
  • Useful Excel to HDL DAT File Converter
    How do you create DAT files? Manually? If yes then you are wasting your time doing that? Check out the Excel to HDL Converter which saves your time.
  • SQL Query to get Scheduled Process Job History
    Do you know how to get the Scheduled Processes history from underlying tables? How to get the BI Report Job History? Read on to know more details
  • Invoke HCM Data Loader using SOAP Service
    Do you know how to invoke HCM Data Loader using SOAP Service? What should be passed in the payload and how to get status of the process?
  • Send notifications to users to reset password using HDL
    Do you know how to send Password Reset Notifications to Users using HCM Data Loader? Do you require any post processes to run? Read on to know more details.
  • Update Source Keys using HDL for business objects
    Do you know that we can update the Source Keys after they are loaded? Which DAT file to use? How does the sample DAT file look like? Read on to know more details
  • Top 50 HCM Data Loader Interview Questions
    Top 50 Interview Questions on HCM Data Loader with real time scenarios in Fusion HCM. Can you answer them if you were asked during an interview? Read on to know more details.
  • How to ROLLBACK Element Entry HDL Load?
    Do you know that from 19D Oracle has released ROLLBACK feature for HDL Business objects starting with Element Entry Business Object? Read on to know more details.
  • Basics of HDL Transformation Formula – Part 1
    Do you know the HDL Transformation Formula in Fusion HCM? What are the use cases of it? How to use it? FAQs on it? Read on to know more details.
  • How HDL Transformation Formula works with ElementEntry Sample
    Do you know the HDL Transformation Formula and how it works? What are the building blocks of it? Read on to know more details.
  • How to use escape and new line characters in HDL file
    Do you know that you can use escape characters to load the | and new line characters using the HDL file? Can you override the default settings? Read on to know more details.
  • HDL transformation Formula Flow changes in 20C
    Do you know that Upload File option has been added to the “Load Data from File” flow which uses the HDL Transformation Formula? Read on to know more details.
  • HDL Transformation Formula using HSDL Template for UDT Load
    Do you know that we can use HSDL Template in HDL Transformation Formula? What are the advantages of this approach? Read on to know more details.

The above list keeps refreshing whenever latest content is being added on HCM Data Loader. Keep checking for latest updates.

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