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Have you used HCM Data Loader Dashboard?

In this article, we will look into the Dashboard which reports the HCM Data Loader files that were loaded.

We load the HDL files on the Data Exchange > Import and Load data screen and it provides the summary and details of the data loads that were done. However, if you want to get the counts and summary of the data loads that were done, we can use this HDL Dashboard.

This dashboard works from 21c release only. This dashboard is originally posted on Cloud Customer Connect by Oracle team and here is the link for it.

Here is my attempt to explain the features of it along with a couple of snapshots.

This dashboard provides summary information for recent HCM Data Loader and HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader data sets, along with audit reports to identify:

  • Data sets submitted with audit disabled
  • Data sets submitted to purge existing audit
  • Data sets prematurely deleted
  • Data sets used to load security related data.

To add this content to your environment:

  1. Download the catalog file attached to this post
  2. Within the BI Catalog, locate the folder where you want to locate this dashboard, e.g. Shared Folders>Custom>Human Capital Management
  3. Unarchive the catalog file and you will see a new folder called “HCM Data Loader Dashboard
  4. Expand the folder
  5. Click Open on the HCM Data Loader Status dashboard.
image 2 - Have you used HCM Data Loader Dashboard?

Once we open, we can provide the input days to get the summary for those many days in history. We get both the HCM Data Loader and Spreadsheet Data loader loads.

image 4 1024x578 - Have you used HCM Data Loader Dashboard?

It shows the failed loads and the percentage of loads that failed. It provides success/failure counts by Business Object and User.

image 5 1024x574 - Have you used HCM Data Loader Dashboard?

On the Audit Reports we can find the entries for Audit enabled objects

image 6 1024x596 - Have you used HCM Data Loader Dashboard?
image 7 1024x377 - Have you used HCM Data Loader Dashboard?

Hope you find this dashboard useful. The original catalog file had some issues with the content id not mapped correctly to the child analytics. I have corrected the issue and the hyperlink works perfectly in the updated dashboard.

Download Link: HCM Data Loader Dashboard

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