Generate HDL file for failed business object Lines
Generate HDL file for failed business object Lines

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In this article we will look into the most interesting and useful article which allows us to generate the DAT file for the Business Object with lines of data that failed in the current run.

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If you are new to HCM Data Loader, please go through the articles below before reading further to understand better:

Let’s look into the configuration that needs to be done to activate this feature.

Navigate to Setup and Maintenance > Configure HCM Data Loader

Configuring the parameter "Enable File Generation for Failed File Lines" for hdl in fusion hcm
Configuring the parameter “Enable File Generation for Failed File Lines”

Change the parameter “Enable File Generation for Failed File Lines” value to “Enable Failed Lines” and click save.

Now go back to the HCM Data Loader screen at My Client Groups > Data Exchange > Import and Load Data and load a business object with some intentional errors

I have added bad SetCode for a Job and here is how the file looks like:

MERGE|Job|1951/01/01|4712/12/31|TEST1|COMMON|03-Marketing Executive|A
MERGE|Job|1951/01/01|4712/12/31|TEST2|TEST|03-Marketing Manager|A
HDL File errored scenario in import and load data screen fusion hcm
HDL File errored scenario

I have loaded this and as expected the first row got loaded successfully and the second row failed.

Now, let’s generate the failed HDL file by clicking the “Extract Failed lines” button after selecting the row.

Click on Extract Failed Lines button in import and load data screen fusion hcm data loader
Click on Extract Failed Lines button

Once we click on that “Extract Failed Lines“, a scheduled process (General HCM Data Loader Files for Data That Failed to Load) will be submitted..

scheduled process execution on clicking extract failed lines button in hcm data loader screen fusion hcm

Click Refresh on the same screen and wait till the Failed Lines File gets successful.

download the errored hdl failed lines in fusion hcm for hcm data loader

Once successful it shows the Download Icon using which we can download the zip file generated. Click on the Download icon. File gets downloaded with (ErrFile_<original zip file name>.zip)

Error Zip file contains the dat file in hdl format for fusion hcm data loader
Error Zip file

And the file has the contents like below as expected.

COMMENT This file contains the Job.dat file lines from data set that failed to load successfully.
MERGE|Job|1951/01/01|4712/12/31|TEST2|TEST|03-Marketing Manager|A

It helps very much when we are trying to load bulk data for Worker/Element Entries where we used to filter out successful rows and build the dat file for failed rows.

References: Oracle 20B Features Documentation

Tip: Even if the business object like worker file has multiple parent and child rows, if a single child row errors out, then complete employee record will not get loaded and hence the complete employee record will appear on the output file.

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