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How to load Global and Local Names using HDL?

In this article we will look into how to load the Person Names in local language and global languages.

This is a guest post by Satish Muthuswamy who is a Oracle HCM Cloud Technical consultant having 2+ years of experience in core HR and expertise in HCM Data Loader.

Let’s get into details.

Person names are captured only in global language (English) in our Fusion instance and it is required without which we will not be able to load the local language names. However, if client need to capture both local and global name languages then we can use a template to load bulk data in your environment. It is not required to create a Descriptive flex fields for storing these local names.

Pre-requisite for this local names is installation of the respective language packs.

If we set NameType as GLOBAL then system will take English. Alternatively, in NameType mention your local language short code Example:

Saudi ArabiaArabicAR

Table of Contents

Sample HDL for loading Global Names for a Person:


Sample HDL for loading Local Names for the same person in other languages (Only after loading the Global Name):


These files needs to be saved as Worker.dat and uploaded to the HCM Data Loader.

Once the above loads are complete, if we login with a different language as default we should be able to see the local language names.

HDL Template for Global and Local Names

Hope this has helped you learn a new thing today.

Thank you Satish Muthuswamy for coming up with this interesting article.

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