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In this post, we will try to see how to load the Cost Allocation Account Information. The Cost Allocation Account can be loaded at multiple levels Job, Position, Organization, Payroll, Payment Method, Assignment, Assignment Terms, Payroll Relationship, Person, Element Entry and Element Link (Element Eligibility) levels.

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How the Payroll Costing works is out of scope of this article.. We will try and see how this information can be loaded using HDL..Source Type would be different for costing at each of the above levels.

Costing levels and the hierarchy:

Cost Allocation Account details and sample HDL file to load it in fusion hcm using HCM Data Loader

For more info on payroll costing refer to https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/global-human-resources/r13-update18a/faipc/payroll-costing.html#FAIPC1266589

Sample HDL File to load the Cost Allocation Account details:

MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|ORG||DDT_DEPT01|||COMMON|||||||||LDG US|2011/12/31|COST|0.8|1||3|330|1333||210|||
MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|JOB|||DDT_JOB01_CD||COMMON|||||||||LDG US|2011/12/31|COST|1|1||4|340|1100|1400|240|||
MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|POS||||DDT_POS01|COMMON|||||||||LDG US|2011/12/31|COST|1|1||5|350|1320|1410|200|||
MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|PAY|||||||PAY01_TEST|||||||LDG US|2011/12/31|COST|1|1||1|300|1300|1420||||
MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|PM||||||DDT_CHECK_PS01||||||||LDG US|2011/12/31|CASH|1|1|81.421.1510.2100.8784||||||||
MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|ASG|||||||||ASG_PER01|PER_01||||LDG US|2011/12/31|COST|1|1||||||300|||
MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|TERM|||||||||ASG_PER01|PER_01||||LDG US|2011/12/31|COST|1|4|||||2102|400|||
MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|PREL||||||||ASG_PER01_NAME||PER_01||||LDG US|2011/12/31|COST|1|7||||1400|2103|500|||
MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|AET|||||||||ASG_PER01|PER_01||StdEarning_ASS_OFFSET_TEST Earnings Results||LDG US|2011/12/31|COST|1|10|||330|1410|||||
MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|TET|||||||||ASG_PER01|PER_01||StdEarning_TEM_001_TEST Earnings Results||LDG US|2011/12/31|COST|1|13||28|340|1420|||||
MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|PRET||||||||ASG_PER01_NAME||PER_01||VolDeduction_PR_001_TEST Results||LDG US|2011/12/31|COST|1|16||29|350|1431|||||
MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|EE|||||||||ASG_PER01|PER_01|WT_PER01|StdEarning_ASS_COST_TEST|1|LDG US|2011/12/31|COST|1|1||||||600|||
MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|EL|StdEarning_ASS_COST|||||||||||||LDG US|2011/12/31|COST|1|1|||100|1200|5000|100|||

Hope this helps when you have requirement to load the Cost Allocation Account information using HDL.

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Sricharan is a Fusion HCM Solution Architect with over 13+ years of overall experience and 5+ years of Fusion experience. He is passionate about technical aspects of Fusion HCM and writes interesting articles on HCM Extracts, HCM Data Loader, Fast Formula, BI Publisher, Integrations and Automation etc.

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  1. Gaurav Gupta

    Hello Sricharan,
    This website has been really helpful. Thank you for sharing this post with us. I have been working on loading costing for element entries. As pe rmy understanding I need three files ElementEntry, CostAllocationV3, CostAllocationAccountV3. Can I generate all three files using one fast formula or I need to create 3 different fast formulas to generate 3 files. Also, can you share some sample code for fast formula for uploading costing with element entries.
    Any help is appreciated.

  2. Sricharan

    Hi Gaurav,

    Yes. With a single input file having element entry and costing information, we can create three output hdl files using a single transformation formula. It is possible and oracle has provided a sample on how to use multiple business objects in single formula. You can refer that and try to achieve your requirement. I saw someone implemented it successfully on Cloud Customer Connect. However he is not responding to the questions posted on if the sample code can be shared. Try your luck by looking at sample oracle code.


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