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Benefits of VIP Membership Plan

Keep Reading without waiting time. 

Remove Ads that interrupt your reading.

Exclusive subscriber-only weekly newsletter.

Enjoy Exclusive content for paid members.

Exclusive discounts on our digital goods.

Copy access to content for personal use.

Priority support using Live Chat for any issues on the website.

** We do not provide DEMO instance access at all

** We do not offer personalized support/training


1.Will there really be No Ads on the VIP membership Plan?

Yes. You will not find any advertisement on the website once logged in. One or two could be an exception. I am trying hard to eliminate all of them for Membership users. You will also not face any locker or waiting time to read the post content. As a bonus, you can also copy the content for personal use.

2.Can the copied content be shared on social media or create a new post out of it?

We have enabled the copy option for VIP users for personal use only. So please refrain from sharing the content over social media or blog without proper credits. Contact us if you have any questions. 

3.Can the account credentials be shared with others?

Strictly No. The credentials shouldn’t be shared with others. There is a mechanism in place which ensures there is only one active session. If the credentials are shared, then the other person will access the content and you will lose access. There is a chance that they might change the email/password and you will lose your account permanently. So stay away from sharing the access. If we see such behavior of logging in from multiple IPs, we will issue a warning to the user and if no action is taken we will suspend the user without any further notice and without any refund.

4.Can the VIP plan be canceled and would the amount be refunded?

As this is a digital blog and the entire content is available to you once you subscribe to the plan, we won’t be able to process the refund even if you chose to cancel your subscription. Moreover, you will be getting a lot of exclusive content every month with sample reports, extracts, fast formulas which are on our plan. You will regret your decision if you plan to cancel your subscription.

5. What if the above-listed benefits don’t work?

If the above-listed benefits don’t work, please contact us, and our team will look into it and resolve it at the earliest.

Note: For payments in other currencies USD/CAD please reach out to the support team using the Live Chat option. We do offer a Paypal option for payments in other currencies.

5% Off
VIP Annual Plan
4000 Per Year
  • No Ads
  • No Waiting Time
  • Copy Access for Personal Use
  • Priority Support using Live Chat
  • Premium Access for 1 Year
5% off
VIP Five Yr Plan
  • All features from Annual Plan Plus
  • Premium Access for 5 Years
5% off
VIP Lifetime Plan
  • All features from Annual Plan Plus
  • Premium access for 10 Years

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