Send notifications to users to reset password using HDL
Send notifications to users to reset password using HDL
- Send notifications to users to reset password using HDL
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In this article we will look into how to send email to users to reset the password using HDL data load.

We will use the User.dat HDL file to achieve this functionality.

The USER object can be used to perform the following actions for an Oracle HCM Cloud user account:

  • Create requests to update a user name, suspend a user, or activate a user.
  • Create a request to add or remove a single role for a user.
  • Directly update the CredentialsEmailSent value in the PER_USERS table.
  • Create a request to create a user account for the specified person number.

In order to send the notification email to be sent to users, We have to set the CredentialsEmailSent and Suspended flags to N.

CredentialsEmailSent Flag Description:

This value indicates whether the user’s account and password credentials e-mail has been sent. Valid values are Y and N, where Y indicates that the user credentials have already been sent.

Various scenarios exist where you may want to control when and whether the user name and password credentials are sent to users. For example, you may be implementing Oracle Fusion Applications for only a subset
of your user population. In this case, you may want to set the CredentialsEmailSent attribute so that only that subset of users receives their credentials.

Alternatively, you may have sent the credentials e-mail by mistake and want to reset this value so that credentials are sent again for particular users.

To reset user passwords, you run the Send User Name and Password E-Mail Notifications process. Before doing so, you can set CredentialsEmailSent to N to ensure that each user is notified of the new password. If the user account currently has a value of Y, then no e-mail will be sent.

Suspended Flag Description:

  • Specify Y to create a request to suspend the user account.
  • Specify N to create a request to activate the user account

Sample User.dat file:


This DAT file will update the CredentialsEmailSent and Suspended flags to N for these employees.

After this HDL load is complete, we need to run the below post-processes from Scheduled Processes screen in the same sequence.

  • Send Pending LDAP Requests
  • Send User Name and Password E-Mail Notifications” – This process will trigger email notifications to the users who are set with CredentialsEmailSent as N and then updates this flag to Y.


  • Send Email Notifications to Users to Reset Password within Oracle Fusion HCM (Doc ID 2469550.1)
  • HCM Data Loader: Loading User Update Requests (Doc ID 2089377.1)

Tip: HSDL can also be used to update the CredentialsEmailSent flag for users instead of using the user.dat HDL file. Executing the post processes will still remain the same even if we use HSDL.