FREE Oracle Fusion Demo Instance (VISION) Access
FREE Oracle Fusion Demo Instance (VISION) Access

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In this article I will let you know how to get free fusion instance access. This instance will be refreshed every week and should only be used for practice purposes. This is a standard VISION instance provided by oracle. And one of my friend is kind enough to share the credentials on weekly basis on his website.

Link for Free Fusion AccessFree Fusion Access

Please go through the link and follow the steps on it to login to Fusion DEMO instance.

For HCM, you can use Robert.Jackman, Casey.Brown or HCM_IMPL users.

This is a kind gesture by Sunil to share the access. Don’t abuse it by doing anything that will impact the instance.

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Sricharan is a Fusion HCM Solution Architect with over 13+ years of overall experience and 5+ years of Fusion experience. He is passionate about technical aspects of Fusion HCM and writes interesting articles on HCM Extracts, HCM Data Loader, Fast Formula, BI Publisher, Integrations and Automation etc.

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  1. Anonymous

    It showing as authentication failed

  2. Sohail Nawaz

    @Sricharan the username & password is not working.

  3. Sricharan

    Looks like the credentials have changed and the new ones are not working.. He will update as soon as he gets working credentials.

  4. Sricharan

    Credentials are working now. Please check

  5. Lokesh

    Hi, Credentials are not working. can you please update the latest credentials.

  6. Sricharan

    It is not my website where the credentials are shared.. if they work use it, else try somewhere else.

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