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How to ROLLBACK Element Entry HDL Load?

In this article we will look into how to ROLLBACK the Element Entry HDL data load.

Normally we cannot rollback whatever data that has been loaded using HDL. However from 19D, Oracle has introduced this feature for Element Entry Business Object. Currently this is the only Business Object which supports the ROLLBACK feature.

If you use HDL Transformation Formula, and use the “Load data from File” payroll flow, even then we can ROLLBACK the entries for Element Entries Business Object only. For other Business Objects the Rollback feature isn’t enabled at this point. However Oracle is working on adding this feature for other Business Objects as well.

Let’s look into how to use this feature now

We will first look into the process to ROLLBACK data set from Import and Load data screen.

element entry snapshot 1024x311 - How to ROLLBACK Element Entry HDL Load?
Element Entry load completed and is successful

Now we will have to click under Total Objects for the dataset that needs to be ROLLED BACK.

total objects snap2 1024x205 - How to ROLLBACK Element Entry HDL Load?
Click on the 2 count under Total Objects
elemene entry loaded 1024x228 - How to ROLLBACK Element Entry HDL Load?
We need to click the Schedule Request on this screen

It shows the details of the rows that have been loaded on this screen. I have hidden the key and source id keys for confidentiality. We need to click on Schedule Request button at the right top.

rollbal element entry - How to ROLLBACK Element Entry HDL Load?
Select the Action as Roll Back and then click submit

In the popup, we need to select the Action of Roll Back and click submit to initiate the Rollback process.

Once the submit is clicked, a process will be submitted to rollback the new element entries created by the respective data set. You can check the status of the process on the same screen by clicking Refresh.

If you try the same option for other business objects, we don’t get the Rollback option.

rollback not preset - How to ROLLBACK Element Entry HDL Load?
Rollback not available for Job Business Object

Now let’s check the process if we have loaded the data using the HDL Transformation formula and the flow “Load Data from File“.

To roll back your element entry data, on the Payroll Flow page, select the Initiate Data Loader flow. Select Mark as Incomplete from the Actions menu. In the Warning dialog box, click Continue. The application rolls back the newly created element entries.

References: Overview of Loading and Rolling Back Element Entries

NOTE: The ROLLBACK feature will only rollback the newly created Element Entries. It will not rollback the updates done to existing element entries and the deletes to element entries. It’s not a complete ROLLBACK of everything.

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