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Defining Source System Owner for HCM Data Loader

HCM Data Loader is one of the most familiar Bulk Data Loading tool available in Fusion. Basics of HDL have been covered at HCM Data Loader. If you haven’t got a chance to look into it, please look into it and then continue reading this article.

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We can use User Keys/Source Keys when we load data for Business Objects. For using Source Keys, we first need to define the Source System Owner and then use the defined Source system owner in the HDL file.

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Configuring Source System Owner:

Login to Fusion Applications > Click on Navigator > Setup and Maintenance
Search for task “Manage Common Lookups” Search for the Lookup Type of “HRC_SOURCE_SYSTEM_OWNER

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Configuring Source System Owner in Fusion

We can create a new Source System Owner by Clicking the + sign and then save it.

By Default FUSION and HRC_SQLLOADER Source System Owners will be present by default. Whatever transactions that we do on the application will have the Source System Owner as FUSION by default.

Once the Source System Owner has been defined, we can use this Source System Owner in the HDL file.

Sample HDL file using Source Keys:


SQL Query to get the list of Source System Owners defined in a POD:

FROM fnd_lookup_values

Summary: Configuring Source System owner is a one time setup that needs to be done before data load in Fusion HCM. Once we define it we can use it in any of the future data loads. Only if you are converting a new third party system information, there could be a need to create a new source system identifier to be used in HCM Data Loader.

  • Yes. Loading using Source Keys is very important as there are some cases where we cannot use the user keys to update data when the data that we want to update is also a user key. Source Keys will help in that scenario.


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