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HCM Data Loader Error Report

In this article we will look into the HDL Error Report which is widely used to diagnose any errors that come across during HDL data load.

This is not a replacement for the seeded “HCM Data Loader Error Analysis Report” diagnostic test. However it might not be possible every time to run the diagnostic test and the diagnostics will not provide data in a user friendly format. This report is a custom report and can be modified to fit in as per the client’s requirement.

This custom HDL Error report is initially shared by the Oracle CoE team on Oracle Blog. However the posted version doesn’t work for the protected datasets like Element Entries and needs to be tweaked from 20C patch.

Similar question was posted in our Telegram Group and one of the Member by name Rahul Singu was kind enough to share the updated version of the Data Model which works for Element Entries as well post 20C.

I took the data model provided by Rahul and made some tweaks to have the Content ID as LOV and made couple of changes and tagged it to the report templates and here is how the latest Error Report looks like:

HDL Load Summary Tab:

image 4 1024x285 - HCM Data Loader Error Report

Error Count Tab:

image 3 - HCM Data Loader Error Report

Error Details Tab:

image 2 1024x331 - HCM Data Loader Error Report

Note: This HDL Error report works for 20C version and might not work in future versions if Oracle changes the backend tables which stores the data.

HDL Error Report Catalog File: Download Link

Feel free to modify it as per your requirement.