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You are currently viewing Most Frequently used Document IDs from Oracle Support
Most Frequently used Document IDs from Oracle Support
- Most Frequently used Document IDs from Oracle Support
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In this article we will look into the most frequently referred Document IDs for Fusion HCM. There isn’t a consolidated list of Doc ID’s anywhere. So this is my attempt to jot down all the DOC IDs I have come across in my experience. I am sure there will be many, I am going to list the frequently used/common issues which will help everyone.

Some Important Master Doc IDs:

HCM Info Center (Doc ID 2518459.2)
All White Papers for Fusion Oracle Cloud HCM (Doc ID 1504483.1)
Information Center: Fusion Human Capital Management Data Load (Doc ID 2667452.2)
Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management Cloud – Popular Documents (Doc ID 2510425.2)

HCM Data Loader

Oracle HCM Data Loader: User Guide (Doc ID 1664133.1)
HCM Data Loader: Business Object Documentation (Doc ID 2020600.1)
HCM Data Loader: Loading Element Entries (Doc ID 2099980.1)
Data File Validator Tool for HCM Data Loader (Doc ID 2022617.1)
HCM Data Loader Desktop Integrator (HDLdi) (Doc ID 2056538.1)
Fusion Global HR : Load Special Characters Through HCM Data Loader (Doc ID 2087941.1)
HCM Data Loader: Loading Goal Data (Doc ID 2094398.1)
HCM Data Loader: Loading User Update Requests (Doc ID 2089377.1)
HCM Data Loader: Loading Person Disability (Doc ID 2030124.1)
Loading Payroll Costing Setup Using HCM Data Loader (Doc ID 2223242.1)
HCM Data Loader (HDL): How To Load NULL Values (Doc ID 2181893.1)
How to enable DFF attribute in HDL templates (Doc ID 2696122.1)
HCM Data Loader: Loading Payroll Interface Inbound Records (Doc ID 2141697.1)
Oracle HCM Cloud: Data Loading and Data Extraction Best Practices (Doc ID 2043581.1)
HCM Data Loader Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Doc ID 2022630.1)
Transitioning from Payroll Batch Loader to HCM Data Loader: Overview (Doc ID 2557156.1)
Loading US Data Using HCM Data Loader (Doc ID 2558276.1)
HCM Data Loader SOAP Web service HDL WSDL (Doc ID 2071474.1)
HCM Data Loader: Loading Payroll Interface Inbound Records (Doc ID 2141697.1)
HCM Data Loader (HDL): How to Update Enterprise Hire Date (Doc ID 2207049.1)
HCM Data Loader (HDL): What is the Table / Column Having SourceSystemId Details of HDL? (Doc ID 2288109.1)
HCM Data Loader: How to Load File using HCM Data Loader (Doc ID 2450376.1)
HCM Data Loader Use Two Different Source System Owner on Same Row (Doc ID 2265218.1)

How To Load Data Using Payroll Transformation Formula for HCM Data Loader (Doc ID 2600715.1)
Fusion Global Payroll: HDL for Payroll Objects FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide (Doc ID 2539041.1)
CalculationCard.dat Sample File For Loading W4 Federal US Tax Withholding Using HDL (Doc ID 2592582.1)
Fusion Applications – Global Payroll – Error While Creating Card Association Using HDL (Doc ID 2582317.1)
Fusion Global Payroll: How to end date Personal Payment Method via HDL (Doc ID 2651015.1)

HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader

How To Load Data Through HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader (Doc ID 2503519.1)
HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader: Secure Business Objects Access (Doc ID 2485772.1)
How to get HSDL templates (Doc ID 2466757.1)
Load Salary Using HSDL (Doc ID 2492003.1)
How To Upload Salary And Salary Basis Using HSDL (Doc ID 2364283.1)
Load Assignment Update Using HSDL (Doc ID 2531842.1)
HSDL – Creating Documents Of Record (Doc ID 2583239.1)
Delete Line Manager Using HSDL (Doc ID 2450130.1)
Are There Any HSDL Templates To Bulk Load In Employees/Workers/Persons Information? (Doc ID 2580912.1)
HSDL Payroll Costing Upload For Dept (Doc ID 2483496.1)
HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader (HSDL) Example Spreadsheet Templates (Doc ID 2328877.1)
Load Bank Accounts Using HSDL (Doc ID 2574180.1)
Upload Goals using HSDL (Doc ID 2504651.1)
Fusion HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader: Maximum Number of Records in an HSDL Spreadsheet Starting with Release 19C (Doc ID 2589924.1)
HSDL Load Got Failed Due To Logical End Date Issue: ” A logical end date is required.” (Doc ID 2568168.1)
Is there any possibility to not use MultipleEntryCount when trying to add ElementEntry via HSDL? (Doc ID 2664677.1)
Fusion Global Payroll: Unable To Load US County Tax Withholding Card Using HSDL (Doc ID 2593494.1)
How To Load Organization Manager Information (Doc ID 2454351.1)
HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader How To Upload Multiple Roles To The Same Employee (Doc ID 2364273.1)
Updating Assignment Name Through HDL (Doc ID 2562058.1)
Load Content Item Profiles Using HSDL (Doc ID 2444546.1)
Load Bank Accounts Using HSDL (Doc ID 2574180.1)

HCM Extracts

Oracle Fusion HCM Extracts Guide (Doc ID 1559127.1)
Optimize Configuration for Payroll, HCM Extract, and Benefits Performance (Doc ID 2067180.1)
Fusion Global HCM: HCM Extracts FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide (Doc ID 1637638.1)
Fusion HCM: How to Get the Most Current List of Database Items (DBIs) from Your Database (Doc ID 1919091.1)
Oracle Fusion HRMS (US): US ADP Third-Party Payroll Extract (Doc ID 1570280.1)
Oracle HCM Extracts: Running a Changes-Only Extract (Doc ID 1964920.1)
Fusion Global HR: Videos with Demos How to Create and Run a Simple HCM Extract (Doc ID 2045190.1)
Fusion HCM Extract Step-by-Step Approach and Troubleshooting Guide (Doc ID 1677090.1)
Fusion Global HR: How to Improve Performance and Resolve Performance Degradation of HCM Extracts (Doc ID 2036889.1)
Oracle Fusion HCM Extracts: Delivery Options (Doc ID 1573099.1)
Fusion Global HCM: How to Enable Logging for Oracle Fusion Global Payroll, QuickPay, and HCM Extract (Doc ID 1536245.1)
HCM Extracts: Work Structure and Worker Predefined Extracts (Doc ID 2062561.1)
Fusion Global HR: Sample HCM Extracts for Employee, Assignment, Payroll, Element Entries Data (Doc ID 2361470.1)
Fusion Payroll: Working Example of Employee W4 Tax Calculation Card Data HCM Extract (Doc ID 2183440.1)
Fusion Payroll: Sample HCM Extract with User Entities (UE) that Deliver Elements Pay Values and Run Results (Doc ID 1927297.1)
Import and Export HCM Extract Definitions (Doc ID 2391206.1)
Automating HCM Extracts Via FlowActionsService (Doc ID 2290581.1)
How to Store BI Report Output as a Document Record Using HCM Extracts (Doc ID 2603747.1)
Fusion Global Human Resources: Accessing Value Sets in HCM Extract Fast Formulas (Doc ID 2062368.1)
Fusion Global HR: How to Schedule a Custom HCM Extract Report? (Doc ID 1562183.1)
How To Create Custom Role to Give Access to Only Run an HCM Extract (Doc ID 1902475.1)
Fusion Global HR: How to Fetch Area of Responsibility Details Using HCM Extracts (Doc ID 2056276.1)
Fusion Global HR: Daylight Saving Changes Causing HCM Extracts to Run an Hour Earlier (Doc ID 2110681.1)
Fusion Global HR: How to Extract Data by HCM Extract with Date Range Parameter (Doc ID 2179009.1)
Fusion Global HR: How to Investigate an In Progress with Error Running HCM Extract? (Doc ID 1566845.1)
Fusion Global HR: How to Set HCM Extracts with Frequency Schedule Times (Hours) (Doc ID 2355152.1)
Fusion HCM Extract: How to Remove Text Output File Size Limit of 10,000 KB (Doc ID 2453863.1)
Fusion HCM Extract: How to Create an Output File in HCM Extract with Date and Time Appended (Doc ID 1513606.1)
HCM Extracts – What is the use of Start date, Runtime Effective date of an Extract? (Doc ID 1663153.1)
Fusion Global HR: How to Select Both UCM Delivery Compression and Encryption Order for an HCM Extract (Doc ID 2331658.1)
Fusion Global HR: How to Make Descriptive Flexfield Database Items (DBIs) Visible in HCM Extracts? (Doc ID 2120577.1)
Fusion Global Payroll: Previously Submitted HCM Extracts Are Not Shown in Payroll > View Flows Search After the Upgrade (Doc ID 1998155.1)
Fusion Global HR: How to Stop the HCM Extract Schedule Owned by Someone No Longer in the Organization? (Doc ID 2189538.1)
Fusion HCM Extracts: HCM Extracts CSV Output Is Not Displaying File Name as Title but Showing a URL Instead (Doc ID 1644589.1)
Fusion Global HR: Is There Any Way by which an HCM Extract Can be Scheduled for 5 Days a Week? (Doc ID 1990920.1)
Fusion Global HR: What Is the Difference between ‘Threading Action Types’ Options and When to Use Them in HCM Extracts (Doc ID 2584674.1)
How to disable email notifications for payroll processes and HCM Extracts (Doc ID 2223710.1)
Fusion Applications – HCM Extracts – How To Generate 24hour Format For Filenames? (Doc ID 2300031.1)
Fusion Global HR: How to Change the Default File Title Starting With “HEXTV1CON” when Using Universal Content Manager (UCM) as the Output Method for HCM Extracts (Doc ID 2549068.1)

Fast Formula

Fusion HCM: Fast Formula Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Doc ID 1579739.1)
Fusion Global Payroll: Export/Import – Fast Formulas Configuration Package Includes Extract Record Formulas (Doc ID 1903452.1)
Fusion Global Payroll: Migrating Fast Formulas Which has More Than 4000 Characters (Doc ID 1997754.1)
How to Trace and Log Fast Formulas? (Doc ID 1559909.1)
Fusion Absence Management: Use “GET_TABLE_VALUE” Function in Fast Formulas in Not Returning Correct Value (Doc ID 2014489.1)
CASE STUDY: Fusion Fast Formula: How to Create Fast Formula For Element Entry Input Value Validation (Doc ID 1615323.1)
Case Study: Fusion Payroll: How to Create and Modify a Fast Formula (Doc ID 1579738.1)
Fusion Fast Formula: OHUG Presentation June 2014 (Doc ID 1900375.1)
Fusion Absence Management: Fast Formula Reference Guide for Release 13 and Later. Version – and later (Doc ID 2065671.1)
Benefits Fast Formula Reference Guide for Oracle Fusion Benefits (Doc ID 1456985.1)
Fusion Compensation: WFC: Fast Formula Reference Guide (Doc ID 1335835.1)
Time and Labor Fast Formula Reference Guides (Doc ID 1990057.1)


Customizing Fusion HCM OTBI: Security in Human Capital Management (Doc ID 1908244.1)
Fusion Applications: How to set up and access the nqquery.log to troubleshoot a single OTBI or OBIA query (Doc ID 1469168.1)
Fusion Applications OTBI White Paper: Understanding Fusion HCM OTBI Security (Doc ID 1906481.1)
Fusion Applications OTBI (Reporting) FAQ For Descriptive Flexfields (DFF) (Doc ID 1503455.1)
Fusion OTBI How To Avoid Grouping Of Rows Together (Doc ID 2256868.1)
Fusion Applications OTBI: Guidelines for creating cross subject area analyses in Oracle Transactional BI (OTBI) (Doc ID 1567672.1)
Fusion OTBI – How to Expose Logical SQL On BI Analysis Report Output Results (Doc ID 2225102.1)
Information Center: Fusion Global Human Resources – Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) (Doc ID 1616462.2)
Fusion Applications BI: How Can I Find Out Detailed Information About Subject Areas Such as Business Questions, Fact and Dimension Column Meanings, and Security Roles? (Doc ID 1925340.1)

BI Reports

Fusion Applications BI Publisher : How Can I Use BI Publisher to Run SQL Against the Fusion Applications Database ? (Doc ID 1910762.1)
Fusion Applications BI Publisher – How to setup SFTP Server for BI Publisher (Doc ID 1526505.1)
Oracle Fusion BI Publisher: How to use SQL/Plus Explain Plan in BI Publisher Data Model and Report Scheduler (Doc ID 2126699.1)
Fusion Applications BI Publisher : How Should We Create New BI Publisher Reports or Customize Existing Seeded BI Publisher Reports? (Doc ID 1926322.1)
Fusion Application BI Publisher (BIP) : Available Public Webservices in Fusion Applications (Doc ID 2086077.1)
Fusion Applications OTBI and BIP: How To Migrate BI Catalog content such as custom BI Dashboards, Analyses and BIP Reports From One Instance To Another Instance ? (Doc ID 1572602.1)
Fusion Applications OTBI – How to Schedule a JOB to Import Oracle Fusion Data Extensions for Transactional Business Intelligence (a step for enabling Flexfields (DFF) & EFF) (Doc ID 1583139.1)

HCM General

Transaction Design Studio – What It Is and How It Works (Doc ID 2504404.1)
Customization Analyzer (Doc ID 2680834.1)
HCM Responsive User Experience Setup Information (Doc ID 2399671.1)
Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud HCM Mobile Application (Doc ID 2400657.1)
Oracle HCM Cloud Seeded Legislative Descriptive Flexfields Localizations (Doc ID 2333209.1)
Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud: Predictive Analytics (Doc ID 1930419.1)
What Diagnostic Tests Are Available For Fusion Human Capital Management (Doc ID 1358207.1)
Fusion Global HR: Setting Up Audit and Audit Reports in Fusion Applications (Doc ID 1917679.1)
HCM Responsive User Experience Setup Information (Doc ID 2399671.1)
Purging Data from Stage and Test Environments (Doc ID 2132109.1)
How to cancel or edit a recurring Scheduled Process (ESS) ? (Doc ID 1643985.1)
UDT Capacity: there are any limitations on number of rows an UDT (User Defined Table) can hold and loaded ? (Doc ID 2354819.1)
Fusion Payroll : How to Fetch UDT Data out of Oracle HCM Cloud ? (Doc ID 2251584.1)
Fusion: HCM: Payroll: What do the Dates Represent? (Doc ID 2114018.1)

Document of Records

Controlling Security of Document Records (Doc ID 2594767.1)
Generate Letters from Document Records for a Specific Document Type (Doc ID 2650165.1)
Document Records – Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting Guide (Doc ID 2602600.1)
How to Setup Approval Based on Document Type in Document Of Records? (Doc ID 2286525.1)
Fusion Global Payroll: Document of Records Payslip Edit Option (Doc ID 2426719.1)
Fusion Global HR: Restrict Document Of Records Type Based On BU (Doc ID 2176116.1)
How to load Document Of Records trough HDL (For Legacy Documents / Historical Payslips Upload) ? (Doc ID 2421658.1)
Fusion Global HR: Approval Rule for Document of Record Depending on Requestor (Doc ID 2590914.1)


Information Center: Complete guide to Worklist Notifications in Fusion Applications (Doc ID 1597363.2)
Fusion HCM: Where to Find All Approval Rules for One Process in BPM Worklist UI (Doc ID 2613313.1)
Managing Approval Rules in Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management – Examples (Doc ID 2661980.1)
Fusion Global HR: List Of Available Functions In Approval Rule Condition (Doc ID 2624925.1)
Fusion HCM: Common Functions That Can Be Used in Approval Rules Configuration (Doc ID 2613246.1)
Fusion Approvals – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Approval Issues in Fusion HCM (Doc ID 2009603.1)
Oracle HCM Cloud Configurable Notifications and Subject Lines (Doc ID 2331021.1)
How to Set a Global Email Account for all Notifications for Testing Purposes (Test Address) (Doc ID 1473706.1)


Fusion Applications OTBI White Paper: Understanding Fusion HCM OTBI Security (Doc ID 1906481.1)
Fusion HCM Common Architecture: How to Create a Data Role and Security Profile that Inherits an Abstract Role (Doc ID 1625092.1)
Implementing Assignment-Level Security in HCM (Doc ID 2700661.1)
Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management: LDAP Request and Person User BI Publisher Reports (Doc ID 2103099.1)
Encryption and Decryption Methods in Oracle HCM Cloud (Doc ID 2165248.1)
Data Security in Oracle HCM Cloud (Doc ID 2404564.1)
Upgrading Applications Security in Oracle HCM Cloud (Doc ID 2023523.1)
Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management: Using Dynamic Security Profiles (Doc ID 1950731.1)
Fusion Role Mappings (Doc ID 1556500.1)
Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud Page-Level Security (Doc ID 2405923.1)
Best Practices for Running User and Role Provisioning Processes (Doc ID 2532053.1)
How To Manage Locked User Accounts In Oracle Fusion Cloud Application (Doc ID 2496969.1)
How To Extend Password Expiration Date for Integration User Accounts (Doc ID 2394923.1)
How is Working Password Expiration Policy for multiples User Category (Doc ID 2566894.1)
How To Bulk Revoke Role Assigned To Employees In Fusion HCM ? (Doc ID 1669747.1)
User Impersonation or Role Delegation in Oracle Fusion HCM (Doc ID 2058693.1)
Fusion HCM: Area Of Responsibility Security (Doc ID 2446917.1)
Fusion Global HR: Security Limitation On Global Transfer (Doc ID 2336221.1)
Oracle Fusion HCM Data Loader: How do you update User Category in Security Console via HDL file User.dat? (Doc ID 2535349.1)
Fusion Applications – Security FAQ (Doc ID 1383852.1)
How to run Send Pending LDAP Requests and Retrieve Latest LDAP Changes Job (Doc ID 1531321.1)
User Does Not Get Password Reset Notification (Doc ID 2255865.1)
Fusion Applications Security – Security Console FAQ (Doc ID 2145402.1)
Mapping Of Roles, Duties and Privileges in Fusion Applications (Doc ID 1460486.1)

SCIM REST API for User Updates

REST API for Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud Additional Security Setup (Doc ID 2230339.1)
Authorization for Oracle HCM Cloud REST API (Doc ID 2651505.1)
Fusion Security: Using SCIM REST API (Doc ID 2346455.1)
Fusion Security: How To Update User Name Using SCIM REST API (Doc ID 2318527.1)
How to Change User Password in OIM via SCIM/REST (Doc ID 2252610.1)

Global Human Resources

Oracle HCM: HCM Address Validation (Doc ID 2140848.1)
Oracle Fusion HCM: Person Name Validation (Doc ID 2146270.1)
Oracle HCM Cloud: HR Attributes and Functionality per Localization (Doc ID 2445972.1)
Fusion Global HR: What are the Steps to Change Hire Date? (Doc ID 2325207.1)
Position Synchronization Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Doc ID 2268945.1)
Using the Person Synchronization ESS Job (Doc ID 2068535.1)
Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management: Legal Entities (Doc ID 1608114.1)
Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management: Business Units (Doc ID 1600717.1)
Oracle Fusion HRMS Person Employment Lookups (Doc ID 1526848.1)

Oracle Recruiting Cloud

Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Geography Hierarchy Management (Doc ID 2407707.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Sublevel Values Not Available in Manage Geography Hierarchies (Doc ID 2509030.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Multiple Sub-levels in Manage Geography Hierarchies (Doc ID 2603275.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Enabling Profile Import and Resume Parsing (Doc ID 2612431.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: How to Identify Partners or Vendors for Oracle Recruiting Cloud (Doc ID 2575376.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Talemetry Mapping in Resume Parsing for Job Functions (Doc ID 2600932.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: County Field in US Address Format Behaving as Mandatory (Doc ID 2628375.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: How to Run HDL Scripts (Doc ID 2586921.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: The Requisition Number Already Exists (Doc ID 2478335.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: How to Create a New User (Doc ID 2582520.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Job Applications (Doc ID 2407791.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: How to Enable or Disable Email Templates (Doc ID 2569059.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: How to Check Logs for REST Services (Doc ID 2587458.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Application Error When Creating a Job Offer (Doc ID 2608154.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Candidate Selection Process (Doc ID 2407299.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Creating Role Mappings (Doc ID 2585776.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Provisioning Roles for Application Users (Doc ID 2585791.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Recruiting Organization Description in Notifications (Doc ID 2722578.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Recruiting Content Library (Doc ID 2407681.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Tokens for Alert Notifications (Doc ID 2513219.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Reverting a Candidate in Offer Phase (Doc ID 2575463.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Mass ‘Redraft Job Requisition’ (Doc ID 2629796.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Restricting ‘Cancel Job Requisition’ (Doc ID 2637330.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Requisition Closure Once Candidates Are Hired (Doc ID 2563026.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: How to Cancel a Requisition with an Offer in Pending Approval (Doc ID 2613477.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Job Offer Letters (Doc ID 2407244.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Step-by-Step Example of How to Create a Custom Job Offer Letter Template (Doc ID 2675631.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: How to Download and Use the Microsoft Word BI Publisher Plugin (Doc ID 2478863.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: How to Map an RTF File to a Job Offer Letter Template (Doc ID 2558804.1)
Oracle Fusion Recruiting Cloud: Error Uploading Job Offer Letter: “The file format is incorrect. The file format must be .zip. (IRC-1590305)” (Doc ID 2641629.1)
Oracle Recruiting Cloud – Interview Scheduling Calendar Integration (Doc ID 2664168.1)
Oracle Recruiting Cloud – Enhanced Duplicate Check and Candidate Merge (Doc ID 2638496.1)
Database Items for Oracle Recruiting Cloud Fast Formulas (Doc ID 2723251.1)
Oracle Recruiting Cloud: Creating Unsecured Approval Notifications (Doc ID 2725482.1)
Oracle Recruiting Cloud – Examples of adding an SMS provider (Doc ID 2657006.1)
Oracle Recruiting Cloud – FAQs for LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect Integration (Doc ID 2693159.1)
Oracle Recruiting Cloud: Partner Integration (Doc ID 2627681.1)
Interact with HCM and Recruiting Using Oracle Digital Assistant (Doc ID 2530856.1)

Will keep updating this article as and when I come across other Doc IDs for other modules.

Hope this would be useful.

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