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How to capture Vendor name in HCM Extracts post 21D update

In this article, we will look into the new feature of capturing the Consumer/System and Vendor information while creating an HCM Extract.


We can now include the vendor name or the external system to which the HCM Extracts generated data is being sent to or interfaced within the Consumer field of Create Definition page. We can also add additional details in the Additional Details field to capture names of the systems or vendors when extract definitions are created, copied, or imported.

image 1 - How to capture Vendor name in HCM Extracts post 21D update


Capturing the vendor name or the external system with which the data is interfaced with enables Oracle to study the integration patterns and requirements from our customers. This, in turn, allows us to simplify the process of extract creation and definition by delivering pre-defined templates that meet specific requirements.

Delivering templates will additionally enable optimized and efficient runs of such extracts improving the overall user experience.


– Additional Details field does not appear when we select Report in Consumer.

– Consumer field has a list of values and when the system or consumer name is not found in the list, provide the name in the Additional Details field.

– Consumer and Additional Details fields do not appear for the extract type Archive Retrieval.

– When we select Report in Consumer it indicates that the extract is meant for reporting purposes and that the data is not interfaced with any external system.

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