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You are currently viewing Payroll Flow and HCM Extracts Mapping for Payroll Module
Payroll Flow and HCM Extracts Mapping for Payroll Module

In this post we will look into the mapping between the Seeded Payroll extracts and their mapping to the Payroll Flows.

For Payroll there are seeded HCM Extracts which are used as part of payroll archive/reporting purposes. And the Extract Name and the payroll flow names are not in sync and it is almost impossible for some of them to get the extract name from the payroll flow details as the extract name isn’t used anywhere in most of the payroll flows.

I have been asked many a times on if there is any mapping between the extract and payroll flow. I tried to find out if there is any. However there could be an internal link which is not visible but on the application we cannot literally find out the extract linked to the payroll flow.

Normally for all the custom extracts that we build, a payroll flow will be created with same name, so we can modify the properties or set post-sqls or add it to another flow. However for these seeded extracts, Oracle has used a different naming convention for payroll flows to confuse developers.

I have documented the list of payroll flows along with their respective extracts and the corresponding BI Reports by consolidating both payroll flows and HCM Extracts sources and based out of my experience.

Payroll Flow NameHCM Extract NameDescriptionBI Report Path
Archive Periodic Payroll ResultsPayroll ArchiveThis is Global Payroll Archive Extract definitionJust Archiving Process. No Report attached
Archive End-of-Year Payroll ResultsGlobal End of Year ArchiveThis is the Global End of Year Archive extract definitionJust Archiving Process. No Report attached
Generate Prenote FileGenerate Prenote FileGenerates a zero dollar prenote file outside of the payroll run./Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payment Distribution/Generate Prenote File.xdo
Process Bank Corrections FileGenerate Check for External PaymentsGenerate Check for External Payments/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payment Distribution/GenerateCheckPayment.xdo
Run Balance Exception ReportPayroll Balance Exception ReportPayroll Balance Exception Report/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payment Distribution/BalanceExcepReport.xdo
Run Payment Register ReportGlobal Payment RegisterGlobal Payroll Payment Register Report/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/Payment Register.xdo
Run Payroll Register ReportGlobal Payroll RegisterGlobal Payroll Register/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/Payroll Register Report.xdo
Run Third-Party Payment Register ReportGlobal Third Party Payment RegisterGlobal Third Party Payment Register/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/Third-Party Payment Register.xdo
Generate PayslipsPayslipThis is the Global Payslip extract definition./Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payment Distribution/Payslip.xdo
Run Deduction ReportDeduction ReportThis is deduction report extract definition/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/Deduction Report.xdo
Run Element Results RegisterElement Results ReportGlobal Element Result Report/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/Element Result Report.xdo
Run Gross-to-Net ReportGross to Net Summary ArchiveThis is a Gross to Net Summary Archive extract definition/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/Gross to Net Summary Report.xdo
Run Employee Balance Group Extract Definition Report Employee Balance Group ReportView employee level balance results based on a balance group usage./Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/Employee Balance Group Report.xdo
Run Payroll Activity ReportPayroll Activity ReportGlobal Payroll Activity Report/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/Payroll Activity Report.xdo
Run Payroll Activity Report for the Latest Process Payroll Activity Report for the Latest ProcessYTD Payroll Activity Report/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/YTD Payroll Activity Report.xdo
Run Statutory Deduction RegisterStatutory Deduction RegisterGlobal Statutory Deduction Register/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/Statutory Deduction Register.xdo
Run Statutory Deduction Register for the Latest ProcessStatutory Deduction Register for the Latest ProcessYTD Statutory Deduction Register/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/YTD Statutory Deduction Register.xdo
Run Retroactive Entries Report Retroactive Entries ReportThis extract definition is for Retroactive Entries Report./Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/Retroactive Entries.xdo
Run Retroactive Notification ReportRetroactive Notification ReportThis extract definition is for retroactive notification report./Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/Retroactive Notification.xdo
Run Payroll Costing Report Payroll Costing ReportGlobal Payroll Costing Report/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Accounting Distribution/Payroll Costing Results.xdo
Run Payroll Messages Report Payroll Messages ReportPayroll Messages Report/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/Payroll Messages Report.xdo
Run Payroll Balance ReportPayroll Run Result ReportGlobal Payroll Run Result Report/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/Payroll Balance Report.xdo
Run Employee Active Payroll Balance Report Employee Payroll Balance ReportEmployee Payroll Balance Report/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payroll Calculations/Employee Active Payroll Balance Report.xdo
Generate Check PaymentsPaymentsMain Extract with different Report Categories for EFT Check Writer etc/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payment Distribution/EFT Report.xdo
Make EFT PaymentsPaymentsMain Extract with different Report Categories for EFT Check Writer etc/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payment Distribution/ChequeReport.xdo
Archive End-of-Year ACA Information Archive End-of-Year ACA InformationThis is US End of Year ACA Archive definition./Human Capital Management/Benefits/US/ACA/1094cAuditReport.xdo
Run EEO-1 Establishment Electronic Report EEO1 ReportEEO1 Report/Human Capital Management/Workforce Management/Person Management/US/EEO/EEO-1 Electronic Report.xdo
Run VETS-100 Establishment Electronic Report VETS ReportVETS Report/Human Capital Management/Workforce Management/Person Management/US/VETS/VETS-100 Electronic Report.xdo
Run New Hire State Electronic Report New Hire State ReportNew Hire State Report/Human Capital Management/Workforce Management/Person Management/US/New Hire/New Hire Electronic Report.xdo
Seeded Payroll Flows and their mapping with HCM Extracts and BI Reports

Hope this helps when you have a requirement to find out the underlying process and creating custom layouts or customizing them.