Resolve “A system error occurred during processing” in Extracts
Resolve “A system error occurred during processing” in Extracts

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Many a times we get errors when we run HCM Extract and one of the common errors is “A system error occurred during processing. Contact your help desk” and it does not show up any other clue on why the extract is failing.

If we dig into details and add the GMFZT logging at system level and run the extract again we will get the log file where we can check the issue details. Click here for details on how to setup logging for hcm extract

Excerpt from log file:
“Failure: Due to oracle.xdo.server.ReportException: oracle.xdo.servlet.CreateException: java.lang.SecurityException: Security violation: , user: fusion_apps_hcm_ess_appid, permission: 192”

What this message means is that the user fusion_apps_hcm_ess_appid should have access to the BI Report in the BI Catalog. If this user doesn’t have access to the BI Report, the extract will fail.

Navigate to the BI Catalog path of BI Report
Click on More > Permissions
Add permissions for the username FUSION_APPS_HCM_ESS_APPID
Click OK

Along with the access for the above username, we also need to provide access to the below roles:
Manage HCM Extract Definition Report
Run HCM Extracts Report

Now run the extract again. The extract will run to success.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by posting in comments section.

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