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You are currently viewing How to Mass Download Document of Records from 21D?
Mass Download Document of Records from 21D
- How to Mass Download Document of Records from 21D?
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In this article, we will look into the upcoming feature of the mass download option for Document of Records and Attachments from 21D.

This is a very useful functionality and there are many ideas on this topic on Cloud Customer Connect. Finally, Oracle is going to deliver this functionality with a 21D update.

Use Cases

  • Extracting Payslips from HCM
  • Extracting Candidate Resumes from HCM
  • Extracting VISA/Passport information from HCM
  • Extracting Accepted Offer Letters from HCM
  • Extracting any other DOR information

Mass Download Document of Records

We can download all document records based on the document type or person name, or both, and optionally specify a date range. For example, we can download all document records for a specific person or document type, such as passports for all persons.

Additionally, we can group the downloaded document records using any of these options:

  • None: This is the default option.
  • Document Type: Group by each document type.
  • Person: Group by individual person.

Based on the Group By criteria we select, the application will create download folders as follows:

  • None: There are no download folders created and all downloaded files are saved in a single folder.
  • Document Type: A download folder is created for each downloaded system document type. The folder name is the same as the system document type. This folder contains individual downloaded files for each person.
  • Person: A download folder is created for each person. The folder name is the same as the person number. This folder contains individual downloaded files for each system document type.

This is the file name format used in the download folder: PersonNumber_SystemDocumentType_UCMID_PhysicalFileName. For example, 955160008186124_GLB_PASSPORT_UCMFA00027817_My India Passport.pdf

NOTE: Due to performance reasons, you can’t download document records of all document types for all persons. You must specify either a document type or a person.

image21 - How to Mass Download Document of Records from 21D?

We can click the Add button on the Mass Download of Document Records page to submit a new mass download request.

image22 - How to Mass Download Document of Records from 21D?
image23 - How to Mass Download Document of Records from 21D?
image24 - How to Mass Download Document of Records from 21D?

By default, all document types that are part of the user’s document type security profile will appear in the Document Type list of values (LOV) when requesting a mass download of document records. You can restrict the list of document types that can be mass downloaded from the employment flow by configuring the HCM Flow – Document Type Mapping on the Manage Enterprise HCM Information setup page. This mapping applies only to the Mass Download of Document Records page.

image25 - How to Mass Download Document of Records from 21D?

You can also download document records for a person directly from the Document Records list page.

NOTE: The Download button on the Document Records list page is controlled using the same security privilege mentioned in the Role section.

image26 - How to Mass Download Document of Records from 21D?

We can save time and effort by mass downloading document records and associated attachments.

Steps to Enable

Configure the document type mapping for the Mass Download of Document Records flow.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the Setup and Maintenance work area, search and select the Manage Enterprise HCM Information task.
  2. Click Edit, and then click Correct.
  3. Navigate to the HCM Flow and Document Type Mapping section.
  4. Click the Add Row (+) icon.
  5. Search and select the Mass download document records flow and the document type.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to configure any additional mapping.
  7. Click Submit and then click Yes in the warning dialog box.
  8. Click OK in the confirmation dialog box, and then click Done.

Tips and Considerations

  • The Submitted Mass Download Processes section does the following:
    • Displays ESS jobs that are submitted by the logged in user.
    • Provides an option to cancel an incomplete ESS job.
    • Provides an option to resubmit the job again using the same set of parameters as the selected ESS job.
  • When you submit a mass download request, an ESS process is submitted. The status of the submitted process is displayed as Running, Succeeded, or Error.
  • When a submitted mass download process succeeds, the attachments to download are available as zip files.
    • The ESS zip file is created with the name of the ESS job ID.
    • The ESS_Z file contains attachments, ESS_O contains the output, and ESS_L contains the log files.
    • For security reasons, the attachment hyperlink is valid for 10 minutes. If you try to click the URL link after 10 minutes, you will receive a 404 error. You need to relaunch the UI to regenerate the secured hyperlinks.
    • The ESS zip file extracts the document record details as a .dat file. The document record and attachment-related columns are separated with | delimiter and can be opened in a spreadsheet with the delimiter set as | to view data in .xls format
    • The name of the file that contains the document record details is DocumentsOfRecord.dat.
  • Document Records pending approval are not included in the mass download.
  • The maximum size of each zipped file is 1 GB. If the zipped file results in a size larger than 1 GB, the zipped file is split into multiple zipped files.
  • The individual files within the zipped file have a default size limit of 5 MB. Attachments that are larger than 5 MB are not included in the download. This size limit is controlled by the ORA_PER_DOR_FILE_DOWNLOAD_MAX_SIZE profile option which has a default value of 5 MB.
  • This table shows the profile option details. You can modify the value of this profile option to enable larger files to be included in the download.
Profile Option CodeProfile Display NameDefault Profile Value
ORA_PER_DOR_FILE_DOWNLOAD_MAX_SIZEDocument Records File Download Maximum Size5 MB
  • The data on the submitted mass download processes is available till the ESS processes are not purged. For more information, see the My Oracle Support document: Refer How to Identify if the ESS Jobs are Purged in Fusion Applications Cloud? (Doc ID 2363763.1).
  • You can also use the Download button on the Document Records list page to download document records for a person.
    • Only the document records that you filtered on the page will be downloaded.
    • Transactions pending approval won’t be downloaded.

Security Privileges:

Aggregate Privilege Name and CodeJob Role Name
Mass Download Document Records ORA_PER_MASS_DOWNLOAD_DOCUMENT_RECORDSHuman Resource Specialist
Human Resource Analyst

For more details, please check Oracle 21D Documentation

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