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You are currently viewing How to Reassign Approval Transactions when Manager is unavailable?
How to Reassign Approval Transactions when Manager is unavailable?

In this article, we will look into how to reassign the approval transactions when the supervisor/manager is unavailable.

Table of Contents

Setting up Vacation Rules:

If the supervisor/manager has setup the vacation rules before he is on vacation, then all approvals for that supervisor will be routed to the user who has been setup on the vacation rules page.

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To create a vacation period:

1. Navigate to BPM Worklist
2. Click the Preferences link under the username
3 The My Rules tab is displayed.
4. Click Enable vacation period.
5. Provide start and end dates
6. Choose to whom notifications should go to either by reassign or delegate.
6. Click Save.

Difference between Delegate and Reassign:

Approvers can delegate their approval responsibilities to other users. One approver replaces another, but the approver list is otherwise unaltered.

Any approver can reassign the approval to a different approver. The approval list is recalculated based on the new approver.

So if you like to have the task only made available for approval to the delegated person, then you would select Reassign action not Delegate action.

Setting up Impersonation Or Proxy User Feature

Note: Remember that your proxies will have access to your personal and sensitive information, such as your salary details, national IDs, and so on. So be careful when assigning a proxy for your tasks.

We can designate a proxy so that someone else can sign in and do the tasks on our behalf in an impersonation session.

Proxies can sign in using their own passwords, and start an impersonation session. They have unrestricted access to our account, except that they can’t change our preferences. By default, everything our proxy does is audited. If a business object isn’t set up for audit, our proxy can’t work on the business object.

The impersonation functionality allows users to temporarily designate another user as a proxy to sign in to the application on their behalf. A proxy user has the same privileges as the impersonated user and has access to all of the impersonated user’s personal data. Therefore, by default, auditing of proxy user sessions is enabled, even when auditing is disabled for the application. An audit record tracks the user name of the proxy and any transactions performed.

Auditing of proxy sessions is recommended, but you can disable impersonation auditing if appropriate for your environment by changing the default value of the site-level profile option Audit Impersonation Transaction Enabled (FND_AUDIT_IMPERSONATION_TRANSACTIONS).

Note: A number of database tables aren’t enabled for impersonation transaction auditing. If impersonation auditing is enabled, proxy users can’t save transactions that result in changes to the data in those tables. If the administrator disables impersonation auditing using the Audit Impersonation Transaction Enabled profile option, proxy users can change the data in any tables, whether or not the tables are enabled for impersonation auditing.

Here’s how you can designate a proxy to work on your behalf.

  1. Click your user image or name in the global header, and on the Settings and Actions menu, select Set Preferences.
  2. Click Proxies.
  3. Click Actions Create.
  4. Search for the person you want to designate as your proxy. Note: If you can’t find the person you want to designate as a proxy, ask your administrator to check if the person has the Impersonate User (FND_IMPERSONATE_USER_PRIV) Privilege.
  5. Verify the user details and click Apply.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Select the start and end dates.
  8. Click Save and Close.

Manual Reassignment of tasks by administrator

Human Capital Management Application Administrator is required to access this functionality. The administrator can Terminated/Reassign/Withdraw the transaction.

Navigate to Tools > Transaction Console and select In Progress transactions and click on Actions button to perform the action.

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