Payroll Actions and their usage in Fusion
Payroll Actions and their usage

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In this article we will look into the list of all payroll actions and their significance. We will also look into how to retrieve all of these payroll actions using a SQL Query at the end of the article.

ACTION_TYPE field on PAY_PAYROLL_ACTIONS table will store the payroll action information.

BBalance adjustment
BEEBatch Element Entry
CPCosting of Payment
DVoid Payment
EExt/Manual payment
ECEstimate Costing
FAdvance Pay
HCheque writer
IBalance Initialization
LRetropay by Element or Enhanced
MMagnetic transfer
QQuickPay Run
RPayroll Run
TTransfer to Ledger
UQuickPay Pre-payments
WAdvance Pay By Element
XMagnetic report

The most common Action Types used are for Payroll Processing:
R – Payroll Run, Q – Quick Pay, V – Reversal, B – Balance Adjustment.

SQL Query to get this list of Payroll Actions:

select distinct ppa.action_type, hrl.meaning
from pay_payroll_Actions ppa, hr_lookups hrl
where ppa.action_type = hrl.lookup_code
and hrl.lookup_type='ACTION_TYPE'
order by ppa.action_type asc

For every payroll process or extract run, an entry will be added to this PAY_PAYROLL_ACTIONS table for the corresponding Action Type. PAYROLL_ACTION_ID is the unique key which when joined to other tables will provide more details on the process details.

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