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Bulk load Roles to Users using HDL

In this article we will look how to bulk add/delete roles for users using HDL. I have got a few requests for this article from consultants working in Finace/ERP workstream.

We have a business object User.dat which is used to create users with person numbers or modify the existing user information. We cannot load users using this HDL without person number. Users without person numbers can be created using SCIM REST API.

Here we will look into how to add/remove roles to users.

Sample User.dat


Once you prepare this file save it as User.dat (Case Sensitive), zip it (Any name would work for zip file) and upload it on My Client Groups > Data Exchange > Import and Load Data screen.

image 1024x228 - Bulk load Roles to Users using HDL
Importing Zip file

Human Capital Management Integration Specialist role is required to access this Import and Load Data screen.

Once the file is imported and loaded successfully, requests would be created to add/remove roles to users. We need to run the process “Send Pending LDAP Requests” in order to get them reflected in security console for users.

Navigate to Tools > Scheduled Processes

Search for and submit the “Send Pending LDAP Requests

image 1 1024x373 - Bulk load Roles to Users using HDL
Scheduled Process submission

Wait till the process is complete.

Now the users should have the new roles added/deleted as per the HDL file loaded.

Hope this helps when you have requirement to bulk load roles.