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You are currently viewing Modified Task/Action Names in Fusion HCM 20A
Modified Task/Action Names in Fusion HCM 20A
- Modified Task/Action Names in Fusion HCM 20A
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We have an undocumented change from 20A which changed the task names across most of the tasks. Oracle has removed the word “Manage” from most of the tasks and Oracle has not documented it in any of the readiness/new feature documents.

When a lot of customers posted questions on Cloud Customer Connect then product managers from Oracle responded that this change would be documented in next release documentation that is getting released on May 1st.

Tasks before 20A                    Tasks post 20A

image 2 - Modified Task/Action Names in Fusion HCM 20A
Old Task Name
New Task Name
Manage Person
Manage Employment
Manage Salary
Change Salary
Manage Absence Records
Absence Records
Manage Absence Cases
Absence Cases
Manage Element Entries
Element Entries

Here is the comment from Oracle “Page headers and associated quick actions’ names have been simplified by removing ‘Manage’ from them. For example, Manage Absence Types reads as Absence Types as of release 20A. Page headers and quick actions such as View Publish Schedule remain unchanged. There are some exceptions that will be listed in the documentation released on May 1st.

image 21 - Modified Task/Action Names in Fusion HCM 20A

Make sure you type in the right task name when trying to search from Setup and Maintenance area. Still there are some tasks which are not touched, may be in future releases they are going to modify them.. Some them are: Manage Value Sets, Manage Action Reasons, Manage Actions, Manage Common Lookups, Manage Administrator Profile Values, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by posting in comments section.

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