SQL Query to fetch IP Ranges setup for LBAC
SQL Query to fetch IP Ranges setup for LBAC

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In this article we will look into how to fetch the IP Ranges which are whitelisted as part of Location Based Access Control (LBAC) setup.

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If you are new to LBAC (Location Based Access Control), please go through the previous posts to know this feature.

The Configuration and IP Addressees are stored in Profile Options.

ASE_ADMINISTER_LOCATION_BASED_ACCESS_CONTROL: Controls display of LBAC configuration page

FND_IP_WHITELIST_ADDRESSES: Contains IP addresses whitelisted via LBAC configuration page

SQL Query to get the IP Whitelist Address and LBAC Enabled Options:

SELECT FPO.profile_option_name
  FROM fnd_profile_options FPO
      ,fnd_profile_option_values FPOV
  AND FPO.profile_option_id = FPOV.profile_option_id

Sample Output will look like:

Location Based Access Control settings and IP Whitelist addresses list in fusion hcm oracle hcm cloud lbac

Tip: A report based on this SQL Query should be handy with Security Administrator if LBAC is enabled to consolidate the IP addresses which are whitelisted

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