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You are currently viewing New Features for Security Console in 21B
New Features for Security Console in 21B

In this article we will look at the new features introduced in 21B on security console which provides enhanced functionality.

Table of Contents

Compare Users

Till 21B we had the compare option for Roles, however from 21B, it is possible to compare the Users.

Navigate to Tools > Security Console > Users

Search for a user and select “Compare Users” from actions

image 7 1024x343 - New Features for Security Console in 21B

Select the second User to be compared and click Compare

image 8 1024x410 - New Features for Security Console in 21B

The compare lists all inherited roles and displays the comparison. We also have a provision to export the comparison to an excel output.

Remove all roles for a User

All Roles for a user can be removed at a single click of a button. It will help the IT Security Managers to perform their duties faster.

image 9 1024x507 - New Features for Security Console in 21B

Send Password Lifecycle Notifications to Personal Email Address for Pending and Terminated Workers

Notifications that are a part of password lifecycle process will be sent to the personal email address of the user if the user’s profile is in pending or terminated status. These notifications are related to the following events:

  • Forgot user name
  • New user created
  • Password expired
  • Password expiry warning
  • Password generated
  • Password reset confirmation
  • Password reset

This was one of the major feature that customers were waiting on as they weren’t able to send the welcome notification to pending workers as they don’t have the work email till they get converted to employee and pending workers had to access the system in order to complete pre-onboarding activities. Clients used to create custom integrations in order to handle this scenario, which is no more required now with oracle introducing this feature of personal email notification.

image5 - New Features for Security Console in 21B

Profile Option(ORA_PER_USER_ACCOUNT_NOTIFY_HOME_EMAIL) has to be enabled to make this functionality work.

Manage Profile Options Task

We need to add the Profile option if it’s not available and should be enabled/updatable at site level as per the below snapshot

image 10 - New Features for Security Console in 21B

Manage Administrator Profile Values

Search for ORA_PER_USER_ACCOUNT_NOTIFY_HOME_EMAIL Profile Option and set the Profile Value to Y at site level.

image 11 1024x338 - New Features for Security Console in 21B

Once the above Profile Option values are setup, we need to enable the notifications in Security Console.

Navigate to Tools > Security Console > User Categories > DEFAULT

image 12 - New Features for Security Console in 21B

Click on Notifications > Turn on the “Enable Notifications”

image 13 - New Features for Security Console in 21B

Enable Notifications and click Save.

Once these settings are complete the system will be sending over the user account creation emails to the pending worker/terminated worker personal email address.

Hope this was a good read.

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