How to disable Single Sign-on or LBAC option?
How to disable Single Sign-on or LBAC option?

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In this article we will look into how to disable the Single Sign-on or LBAC (Location Based Access Control).

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In our previous article we have looked into setting up LBAC.

Due to some reason, if you want to disable these options there is an option to do it.


  • User should have the “IT Security Manager” job role.
  • User should have email address configured on security console.

Open the link:

Replace abcd with your pod related code.

The page will look like below:

Disabling Single Sign on or LBAC in Fusion HCM oracle hcm cloud security administrator

Input the username and click Submit. The username is Case Sensitive, so please be careful with it.

Disabling Single Sign on or location based access control in Fusion HCM oracle hcm cloud security administrator

Check your Inbox/spam folder for the email like below. Click on the link in email.

email received while disabling lbac in fusion hcm security administrator

Once you click the link, it will open up the below page.

checking the disable lbac option in fusion hcm

Click on “Disable Location Based Access” and click submit.

confirmation email for lbac disabled request fusion hcm

We got the confirmation mail that Location based access has been disabled.

Now you can look at the location based access control setup and add the complete list of IP addresses that needs to be added. If required setup some roles as public. May be setup the “IT Security Manager” role as Public and assign it only to the security administrator who can add the IP addresses in case every other person is facing issue.

Hope this helps if you face any issues with Location Based Access Control/ Single Sign-on.

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