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You are currently viewing New features in HCM Extracts in 19B release
New features in HCM Extracts in 19B release

We will look into the new features introduced in 19B for HCM Extracts.

Oracle has completely revamped the User Interface for HCM Extracts. Below are the features that have been added:

  • We can add multiple Database Items at one go by selecting the DBIs and clicking on Add button. We would get the XML tag as the DBI name.
ext3 - New features in HCM Extracts in 19B release

ext1 - New features in HCM Extracts in 19B release
xml4 - New features in HCM Extracts in 19B release

  • Most of the unused features have been removed from the new User Interface. However they are still available for professional users using the ‘Advanced Edit’ (Pencil Icon) from the search results.
  • Auto suggest feature for user entities, threading DBIs, and data group connections. I have faced issue with this feature and it never worked for me.
  • Updates to the UI for creating and editing filters. This feature is not working properly. If there is an existing advanced sql filter, then its giving an application error when we try to modify and save it.
  • The Validate button now compiles and validates the extract in one step. Yes, this skips the compile formula step and does both compile and validate in single step.
  • Updates to the Search Results UI. It displays it the extract is locked or not. We can view the hierarchy of the extract without even opening the extract using the Hierarchy button.
ext5 - New features in HCM Extracts in 19B release

Built-in CSV Output – Create a comma-delimited output using the new built-in CSV feature in HCM Extracts. You no longer have to create a template in BI Publisher to produce a comma-delimited output. You can use the existing CSV output type. By leaving the Report and Template Name fields blank the built-in CSV output will be produced. The CSV output is automatically sent to WebCenter Content.

ext6 - New features in HCM Extracts in 19B release

Here’s a sample header record from a generated CSV output:
Header,Request ID,Flow Name,Legislative Data Group ID,Effective Date,Start Date
For each data element the four attributes below are automatically added to the front of the data rows for identification and to establish the hierarchy:

If your data contains a comma, then you need to create a Fast Formula to replace the comma with a \, to eliminate the comma.

I don’t think it’s of much use with this feature as we will be getting the input parameters and data group names in the output which in most of the cases are not required by the client.

Please check the below link for more details on the features:

Hope you get some basic idea of the new features. Try these features and let me know if you have a different view of them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by posting in comments section.

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