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Override Notification Email Address in HCM Cloud
Override Notification Email Address in HCM Cloud
Override Notification Email Address in HCM Cloud
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In this article we will look into how to override the notification email address in BPM to get all notifications to the override email instead of the employee/manager emails. We will use this feature in DEV/TEST PODs to prevent notifications being sent over to the employees.

Notifications will be sent over to employees when transaction happens. In DEV/TEST instances we have to avoid sending the notifications to employees, so here are the possible ways to achieve it:

  • Scramble/mask the email address to a constant or an email address which is not valid.
  • Override the notification email address on BPM so that notifications are sent to override email address instead of employee email address.

Override notification email address will also help when we test any approval rules to be triggered in test pod. This prevents the notification to business users and route it to Override email address. Even the alert composer notifications will be triggered to this override email address as the functions which check for employee/manager email address will also check if any override email address is present or not.

Here are the steps to setup the override email address:

Navigate to  Setup & Maintenance and select the Search from right hand task pane

Search for the task “Manage Task Configurations

Override Notification Email Address in HCM Cloud

Depending on the application we are working on, we will have access to one or more of these tasks. All these tasks point to the same BPM screen.

Let’s click “Manage Task Configurations for Human Capital Management“.

We can also access the BPM directly using the Quick links feature.

It will open up a new page opening the BPM Worklist area.

Click on the “Administration” tab and it should open up the “Application Preferences

Override Notification Email Address in HCM Cloud

Here we can set the Test Notification Email Address by clicking the pencil icon next to it.

Override Notification Email Address in HCM Cloud

Enter the override email address and click OK to save this override email.

We can also set the Notification Mode on this screen which is above the Test Notification Email Address.

Override Notification Email Address in HCM Cloud
  • All: Email notifications are enabled. Workflow notifications are included in the global header. This is the default value.
  • None: Email notifications and workflow notifications in the global header are disabled.
  • Email: Only email notifications are enabled. New workflow notifications won’t appear in the global header.
  • In-app: Workflow notifications in the global header are enabled. Email notifications are no longer sent.

Note: If you or another administrator has selected news feed as the default home page layout, then users also get notifications in the Things to Finish section on the home page, as well as the Notifications page. The same mode setting that applies to the notifications in the global header also applies to the Things to Finish section and the Notifications page.

We should have this setting as All or Email for the email notifications to be sent for transactions.

Once these settings are saved, all notifications will be routed to the override email address.

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Sricharan Monigari
Sricharan Monigari

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