Oracle HCM Cloud Quick links for essential functionality
Oracle HCM Cloud Quick links for essential functionality

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In this article we will look into the essential quick links that we use on regular basis and I thought it would be good to consolidate all of them at one place.

We need to suffix the quick links with the POD URL which looks like below:

Here is the consolidated list of the quick links with their corresponding usage based on my experience.

UsageQuick Link
Content Server/UCM/WCC/cs
BPM Worklist/integration/worklistapp
BI Catalog/analytics
BI Publisher Server/XMLP Server – We can find the customize options for seeded BI Reports/xmlpserver
Home Page/hcmUI/faces/FuseWelcome
Setup and Maintenance/fscmUI/faces/FuseTaskListManagerTop
My Client Groups > Data Exchange/hcmUI/faces/FndOverview?fndGlobalItemNodeId=itemNode_workforce_management_data_exchange
Deep Links/hcmUI/faces/FndOverview?fndGlobalItemNodeId=itemNode_tools_DeepLink_ManageDeepLinksforHCM
My Client Groups > Payroll/hcmUI/faces/FndOverview?fndGlobalItemNodeId=itemNode_workforce_management_payroll
Tools > Scheduled Processes/fscmUI/faces/FuseOverview?fndGlobalItemNodeId=itemNode_tools_scheduled_processes_fuse_plus
Tools > Structure/fscmUI/faces/FuseOverview?fndGlobalItemNodeId=ATK_HOMEPAGE_FUSE_STRUCTURE
Configuration > Application Composer/crmUI/faces/FuseOverview?fndGlobalItemNodeId=itemNode_tools_application_composer
Benefits Administration > Enrollment/hcmUI/faces/FndOverview?fndGlobalItemNodeId=itemNode_benefits_evaluation_and_reporting
My Client Groups > Person Management/hcmUI/faces/FndOverview?fndGlobalItemNodeId=itemNode_workforce_management_person_management
Tools > Security Console/hcmUI/faces/FndOverview?fndGlobalItemNodeId=ASE_FUSE_SECURITY_CONSOLE
My Client Groups > Absences/hcmUI/faces/FndOverview?fndGlobalItemNodeId=itemNode_workforce_management_absence_administration
Payroll > Checklist/hcmUI/faces/FndOverview?&fndGlobalItemNodeId=itemNode_payroll_payroll_checklists

Here are the sample links which can be framed by concatenating the POD URL with the quick link:

Advantages with this approach:

  • Sometimes, the actual links may be hidden and we can still access the functionality with these quick links.
  • It also reduces the number of clicks that we need to click if we have to navigate through the UI.
  • We can bookmark these quick links for a POD for easy reference.

Thank you Santosh Kumar Bhairi for adding more quick links to the list. Check out Linkedin post for more info.

Hope this would be a useful.

If you have come across any more quick links please post them in comments section.

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