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Implementing Bursting feature for HCM Extract

In this article we will look into how to add the bursting feature for an HCM Extract.

Table of Contents


  1. Send Notifications to employees/Managers upon New Hire/Termination using changes only functionality.
  2. Send Notifications to employees/managers upon Performance Document Completion/Probation Completion.

First we will have to design the changes only extract like we usually do.

Now, Let’s check what additional steps we need to implement to implement the bursting functionality.

  1. Modify the Additional Attributes section to include Key/From/To/cc/Subject/Attachment attributes.
  2. Clone the seeded globalReportsDataModel and modify the bursting section to add the Split by and Deliver by fields from the Extract XML Output

Modify the Additional Attributes on Extract:

We need to update the attributes on the extract for Email delivery option. Key parameter is the important one which defines by which attribute the bursting should work. It is same as Split By that we define at Data Model.

The remaining attributes Email Address, cc, From, Subject can be either text input of can be fetched from attributes on the extract.

image 20 1024x520 - Implementing Bursting feature for HCM Extract

Once these changes are done, we can validate the extract and save it.

Changes to globalReportsDataModel:

We need to copy the globalReportsDataModel from Shared Folders/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Data Models folder to the Custom folder where the BI Report is placed and rename it to the custom name in order to avoid confusion.

We need to modify the Split by and Deliver by fields for the Data Model to reflect the KEY that we set on the extract. Best approach is to run the extract for a sample employee without email delivery option and get the complete path for the KEY field. In our case it is /DATA_DS/G_1/G_2/FILE_FRAGMENT/New_Hire_Notification/Employee_DG/Person_Number and we need to Key in this complete text manually in the Split by and Deliver By fields in the bursting section.

After typing in some text, the text won’t be visible and we cannot use backspace as well. So remember to type in the complete text correctly. We will have to do it multiple times anyhow as it can’t be done correctly the first time for sure.

image 21 - Implementing Bursting feature for HCM Extract

We need to key in the same path for Deliver By as well.

image 22 - Implementing Bursting feature for HCM Extract

That’s all we need to do at the data model level. We need to reference this data model to the BI Report instead of using the seeded globalReportsDataModel.

Once these two changes are completed, the bursting setup is completed for the extract and we are good to test the bursting functionality.

If the extract pulls data, then emails will be sent over to the employees satisfying the criteria without any issues. If none of the employees meet the criteria, then the extract would fail as the BI Report will still try to burst by Split by and Deliver by fields. That would be the topic for another article in future.

Hope you got the know the changes required on the extract for bursting functionality.

If you know of any other ways or have any questions, please post them in comments section.