How to convert HCM Extract Export XML to Readable format?
How to convert HCM Extract Export XML to Readable format?

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In this article we will look into another interesting feature of HCM Extracts which will allow us to read through the HCM Extract in a User Friendly html format.

This tool was created by John Rhodes from Oracle Product Development team and I took his approval before posting this on my website.

John developed an XSL Transformation .xsl file which needs to be applied on the HCM Extract export XML file to get the html output which when opened shows the details of the extract in a user friendly tabular format.

I made some minor tweaks to the John’s XSL script to make it more user friendly by changing some parameters and spacing.

Without much delay, let’s have a look at the tool and how we should use this tool.

Let’s take a sample Extract export XML file and see how it looks.

We will consider an existing extract for this purpose and let’s see how we export the XML file for an extract.

Navigate to My Client Groups > Extract Definitions and search for the extract.
Click on the Export button to export the extract to XML.

HCM Extract Export XML will look like below:

SM_Demo_V1 Extract Export XML

It is hard to read through this XML file to check all attributes and the flags associated with the attributes , advanced filters, fast formulas and dbi name.

Now, we will use the XSL Transformation tool to transform the Exported XML file to an html file.

We will use the free XSL Transformation tool online

XSL Transformation online
XSL Transformation online

Now, let’s input the Exported XML and XSL file (John’s XSL file attached at the end of the article) and click Transform. You can either copy paste the XML and XSL or browse for the files and transform it.

Click on Transform XML in New Window
Click on Transform XML in New Window
Transformed Output
Transformed Output

It will open up a new window with the transformed output file.
Copy paste it onto Notepad++ and save it as Extract_Name.html (SM_Demo_V1.html)

Now, Let’s open the html file and check how it displays the output.

Extract presented in tabular format html view
Extract presented in tabular format html view
Extract presented in tabular format html view
Extract child data groups and records presented in tabular format

Overall this is a cool way of reading through the extract without importing the extract to an instance.

Tip: We can use this html view to compare changes to an extract between different instances. As it extracts attribute and flag level information, this can be used to compare and migrate changes.

Download Links for Files:

HCM Extract ExportedSM_Demo_V1.xml
Transformation XSL FileXML Transformation.xsl
Transformed readable ExtractSM_Demo_V1.html

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    Really nice article..

  2. Sahad

    after saving the transformed output, in Which application I need to open that HTML so that i can see that in the readable format?

  3. Sricharan

    You can open it in IE/chrome.. anything will work.

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