Information on Subject Areas and List of Seeded BI/OTBI Reports
Information on Subject Areas and List of Seeded BI/OTBI Reports

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In this article we will look into how to get the information on the subject areas for HCM and also check which Job Roles/Duty Roles are required to access the subject areas. Finally we will end the article with the list of seeded BI/OTBI/Workflow reports that are present in HCM POD.

Subject Areas (SA) is the main building block for OTBI reports. Depending on our requirement we need to search for the appropriate SA and use it to build the analytic that we are looking for. Now the question is how do we get the information on the list of available subject areas and where can we find the description of the subject areas.

Subject Area Information:

Oracle has made our life easier by documenting the list of all subject areas and a short description of what it contains. Here is the link:

Let’s look a sample Subject Area “Payroll – Element Entries Real Time” and check what info is provided on the documentation.

If you need more details on the fields and need Subject Area to database lineage document then refer to the below article:

Seeded HCM Reports:

Oracle has also provided us with the list of all seeded reports that we can refer if there is a requirement to modify them.

This excel sheet has four tabs:

  • OTBI Analysis
  • OTBI Report Subject Areas
  • BI Publisher Reports
  • BIP Workflow Notifications
OTBI Analytics by Product and Subject Area
BI Publisher Reports by Localization
BIP Reports used for Workflow Notifications

For other modules, please refer the Oracle link –

Download Files:
Subject Areas for Transactional Business Intelligence in HCM
HCM Reports R13

Hope this information would be useful for you when you have to deal with subject areas and seeded BI/OTBI analytics.


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