OTBI Subject Areas to Table Field Mapping
OTBI Subject Areas to Table Field Mapping

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In this article we will look into the mapping document for subject area and presentation columns to the database tables and fields.

When you have a requirement to check for the database tables/fields for the corresponding presentation columns then you can refer to the attached sheet which is provided by the Oracle OTBI Product Development team with every release.

We have a thread on Oracle Cloud Customer Connect where these sheets are maintained and for next releases we can look at this post to get the latest attachment for that release.

Cloud Connect OTBI Subject Area to Database Mappings thread:

Sample Snapshot of the spreadsheet:

Sample view of the attachment

We can see that all Subject Areas will be listed along with the presentation table, presentation column, Database Table and Database Columns.

R13 20B OTBI Subject Area to Database Mapping DocumentClick here to download file

Note: Refer this spreadsheet to find out the subject area and all the presentation folders/columns in it along with database tables and columns. This spreadsheet will change for every release. So please check the cloud connect post to get the latest spreadsheet.

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