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You are currently viewing Fix for assertion failure error in HCM Extracts
Fix for assertion failure error in HCM Extracts

In this article we will look into how to fix the “An assertion failure was detected at location ProcReportPayAct.childRequestStatus:1” error for HCM Extracts.

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When we develop extracts and run them for the first time, we get all kinds of weird errors and we think there is some issue with the extract. Most of the issues are either related to security of the report or the template attached to the report which we will come to know after troubleshooting many things.

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Check security access for fusion_apps_hcm_ess_appid user:

First check if the BI Report has the user access setup for fusion_apps_hcm_ess_appid (Enterprise Scheduler Job Application Identity for HCM) user.

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Even after you set the user access to fusion_apps_hcm_ess_appid user, if you are still getting the same error, then there are high chances that there could be an issue with the template.

Check issue with the template attached to BI Report:

In order to check this issue, you need to inactivate the delivery option with BI Report in the HCM Extract.

end date delivery options - Fix for assertion failure error in HCM Extracts
End Date delivery option by updating to past end date

We need to end date the delivery option which has the BI Report attached to an old date ‘1/1/2020’ so that the report doesn’t get fired when we run the extract. Once the end date is updated, validate the extract and run it.

If the Extract runs to success without this delivery option, then we are 100% sure that the issue is with the template attached to the BI Report. We can download the template and fix the issue and upload it back to BI Report with the same template name. Now update the end date of the delivery option to ’12/31/4712′ and validate the extract.

If with the above two fixes, you were not able to resolve the issue, then check if you have the FTP enabled and go to Report History and check the status of the BI Report. There could be an issue that Output is generated successfully and the extract is unable to place the file on FTP server due to which it failed. if that’s the case check the FTP configuration on BI Administration and the check if the FTP path listed on the delivery options is right and check if the user configured on the FTP administration page has access to the folder listed. Once you fix these issues, the extract would run successfully.

Tip: First check the above three scenarios and if the issue is still not resolved enable the GMFZT logging on payroll process configuration group and use it while running extract to get the detailed log.

Configure GMFZT logging at payroll process configuration level and use it to run extracts.