Use Utility to Upload, Download and Delete files from UCM
Use Utility to Upload, Download and Delete files from UCM

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We have requirement to upload/download the files from UCM/to UCM regularly when you are dealing with inbound files/outbound files. Oracle CoE (Center of Excellence) team has provided a small java utility to do this at ease.

You can download the Oracle HCM COE – UCM Utility package from here.

Once you download the zip file, you can extract the files and use the utility provided.

You can find that there are multiple folders.. some of them store the config information, java code which you can use to automate the ucm process and finally a jar file which we are going to use to demonstrate the upload and download capability.

Open the ucm-document-transfer-utility-tool.jar and the screen will look like below:

In the URL, provide the URL like below:
Input the User ID and Password and click save to save the profile.
Once these details are filled in, we are good to go to the next tab Upload.

Fill in the Doc Title, Account and browse the file that you want to load.. Content ID is optional, if it is not provided, it will create a new Content ID else it will override the existing Content ID with the new file.

Finally Click Upload to upload the file.
We will verify on the Content Server if the file has been uploaded or not.

Now we will try to download the file using the same jar file using the “Search, Download and Delete” tab.

Input the Content ID and click on search..
Select the Content ID from the results screen and click on Download..
It will download the file to the Output folder..
If you want to delete the file, just click on Delete and it will delete the file from UCM.

Oracle doesn’t support any issues with this tool if you raise an SR.
This tool is provided by Oracle CoE team.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by posting in comments section.

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  1. Viswa

    Hi Sricharan,
    We are getting an error while uploading the file to UCM Server as we have dome same processor which you had specified.
    Error : Error when processing file upload:Could not determine wsdl ports.

    1. Sricharan

      Hi Viswa,

      Can you try accessing the SOAP WSDL using SOAPUI or Postman tool and let me know if you are able to access it? If you are unable to access, then there should be some issue with the user access? Can you try using superuser>


      1. Viswa

        Hi Sricharan,

        I have tried in SOAP WSDL with my current user and I am getting response for the request.

        I am not sure why I am getting an error using through UCM Utility.

  2. Venkat

    Hi Charan, can you please tell me the steps from where we can copy the impage hyperlink after image upload.

  3. Sricharan

    Hi Venkat,
    You need to navigate to content server and then search for the file using content id or the title.

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