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Introduction of Cloud Customer Connect Forum

Many of you might already know about the Cloud Customer Connect and it’s usage. This post is for those of you who don’t know about it and how you can take advantage of it to gain knowledge and solve your issues.

Why Cloud Customer Connect?
Cloud Customer Connect is a forum by Oracle which is specific to Cloud products (HCM/ERP/SCM/OIC/PAAS/CX/IAAS/Students). Oracle wants to create a single forum for all cloud products under it’s umbrella and it has gained a lot of traction in terms of usage.

Who are part of this forum?
Cloud Consultants (Technical/Functional) working on all cloud products by Oracle, Oracle Product Development team, Oracle Directors, Oracle Support team, End Clients, Client Managers, etc.)

What are the benefits for being part of this forum?
As we have people from all level of experience on this forum, we find a lot of valuable content over here.

  • Product Development managers conduct sessions discussing the upcoming features and the features released in the latest releases.
  • We can raise questions on this forum in respective category and either experts/product development team/even you can answer that question if you know the solution.
  • We can subscribe to the category (Reporting and Analytics/Integrations). So if someone raises a question, you would get an email alert and you can atleast look at the solution if someone has provided even if you aren’t able to answer it.
  • There are lot of sample reports/dashboards available on the forum. You need to navigate to the right path and download them and import it to your fusion instances.
  • You would get recognized in the form of points and badges for your contribution towards the community in sharing the knowledge.
  • Every month a newsletter will be shared with the top contributors for the earlier month and the latest news on the community and the upcoming sessions that we can attend to.
  • Oracle Support has started raising the Enhancement requests on this forum only for HCM. I think they are implementing it across all modules.
  • There is an Idea lab where you can suggest new ideas which are painful in the current version and the product development team closely looks into the ideas and implement the ones they think are beneficial for the product or suggest you the alternative solution if any.
  • Finally I can say that it’s more than google search for fusion hcm consultants.

Hope the above list of benefits should at least make you register on the forum. You would need your office email address to register on this forum.

This is not a promotional post and I don’t get anything by promoting the Cloud Customer Connect forum. I have been part of it since a couple of years and I have learnt a lot and also shared my knowledge there. I just want others also to register on it, be part of it and learn and gain knowledge.

A good recognition system is in place to show the most helpful members on the community and show them on the monthly news letter.

image 36 1024x763 - Introduction of Cloud Customer Connect Forum

We can see many of the people well known in the HCM space listed out there.

Cloud Connect also sends out a monthly newsletter with the latest developments on Cloud Connect along with the leaders in the monthly theme.

Sample Newsletter format:

image 37 - Introduction of Cloud Customer Connect Forum

There are many events being conducted across different steams and you can check the HCM related events at https://cloudcustomerconnect.oracle.com/resources/3eeabee72b/summary

image 38 - Introduction of Cloud Customer Connect Forum

You are free to subscribe to them and attend it to gain knowledge and get your questions clarified.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by posting in comments section.

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