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How to load Position Costing using HDL

In this article we will look into loading the position costing using HDL.

Costing can be loaded at different levels Ex: Person, Element Eligibility, Position, Department, etc.

We need to load the costing using the CostAllocationV3 and CostAllocationAccountV3 business objects.

MERGE|CostAllocationV3|4712/12/31|2022/01/01|POS|US Legislative Data Group|POS12345|US Corporate
MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|1|001|020056|COST|1|US Legislative Data Group|2022/01/01|POS|POS12345|US Corporate

Source Type of POS will make sure that we are loading the Position related costing. Depending on the segments that have been configured on the Cost Allocation Key Flex Field, we need to populate the values for these segments on the HDL file.

Source TypeObject
EEElement Entry
ELElement Eligibility
PMPayment Method
PRELPayroll Relationship
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