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You are currently viewing How to resolve the “The value isn’t valid for the attribute PersonId” error while loading the Element Link Costing?

In this article, lets try to look into the error we face while loading the element eligibility costing and how to resolve it.

We can load the element eligibility costing information using the HDL below:

-- save as CostInfoV3.dat
MERGE|CostInfoV3|4712/12/31|1951/01/01|LIV|Car All Elg|Car Allowance|Pay Value|AE Legislative Data Group||Y|
MERGE|CostInfoV3|4712/12/31|1951/01/01|EL|Car All Elg|Car Allowance||AE Legislative Data Group|C||Y

-- save as CostAllocationV3.dat
MERGE|CostAllocationV3|4712/12/31|1951/01/01|Car All Elg|Car Allowance|AE Legislative Data Group|EL


-- save as CostAllocationAccountV3.dat METADATA|CostAllocationAccountV3|SourceType|ElementEligibilityName|ElementCode|LegislativeDataGroupName|EffectiveDate|SourceSubType|Proportion|SubTypeSequence|Segment1|Segment2|Segment3|Segment4|Segment5|Segment6|Segment7|Segment8 MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|EL|Car All Elg|Car Allowance|AE Legislative Data Group|1951/01/01|BAL|1|1|10|111001|111|9999|2222|999|999|999 MERGE|CostAllocationAccountV3|EL|Car All Elg|Car Allowance|AE Legislative Data Group|1951/01/01|COST|1|1|||||3333|||

Normally these files should get loaded succesfully.

However, when I tried to load this in an instance, the CostInfoV3 and CostAllocationV3 got loaded successfully, but for CostAllocationAccountV3, I got a weird error saying “The value isn’t valid for the attribute PersonId”

We will not provide the person details for element link costing. I tried modifying the HDL file to add source keys, add or remove fields, however still the issue did not get resolved.

Finally, I had to raise an Oracle SR to see why this error is coming up. I was surprised to hear the response “We need to have atleast one employee in the system before loading costing information“. Such a pre-requisite is not documented anywhere. And I do not know why such a limitation exists.

We need to have atleast one employee before loading any kind of costing, element eligibility costing, position costing, department costing, etc.

We had to add one employee manually and then load the same files and the load was successful.

Hope this helps when you face similar issue.