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Variables and its usage in RTF template
- Variables and its usage in RTF template
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In this article we will look into how to use the variables in RTF template.

When we work on RTF templates to create letters/payslip modifications we will have to use some variables to store temporary values and then use them later on in the template.

We use the functions set_variable and get_variable to set and get variable values.

Table of Contents

set_variable function:

This function is used to declare a variable and assign value to it based upon some other field or a default value based on the requirement.

Syntax of set_variable:

<?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX, 'variable name', value)?>

The $_XDOCTX specifies the global document context for the variables.
variable name – This is the variable name
value – This is the value that will be assigned to the variable. It can either be a constant value or any XPATH command.

Sample Set_variable commands:

We need to create a form field and add the below code to the form field.

<?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX, 'max_hire','1901-01-01')?>
<?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX, 'x', xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX, 'x' + 1)?>
<?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX, ‘LC’, xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX, ‘LC’) + 1)?>
<?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX, ‘tot_lines’, count(.//SNO))?>

get_variable function:

This function is used to get the value of a variable that has already been defined in the template.

Syntax of get_variable:

<?xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX, 'variable name')?>

Sample get_variable commands:

<?xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX, 'V_SNO')?>
<?format-date:xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX, 'max_hire'); 'DD-MMM-YYYY'?>
<?xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX, 'logical_date')?>

Sample usecase for using variable to get the running totals:

/*initialize a variables*/
<?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX, 'counter', 0)?>
/*update the variable's value by adding the current value to SEQ, which is XML element */
<?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX, 'counter', xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX, 'counter') + SEQ)?>
/* accessing the variables */
<?xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX, 'counter')?>
/*Working in a loop*/
<?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX, 'counter', 0)?>
/*increment the counter*/
<?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX, 'counter', xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX, 'counter') + 1)?>
<?end for-each?>
<?xdoxslt:get_variable($_XDOCTX, 'counter')?>