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You are currently viewing Most frequently used WSDL/End Points for Web Services
Most frequently used WSDL/End Points for Web Services
- Most frequently used WSDL/End Points for Web Services
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In this article we will look into the WSDL/End points for the web services for the most frequently used integrations.

If you haven’t looked into the previous articles on SOAP and REST services, go through them to get an idea on how to invoke the SOAP/REST services.
Introduction to SOAP Services
Introduction to REST Services

Web ServiceTypeWSDL/End Point
Content Manager (To stage files in Cloud) / UCM ServerSOAPhttps://<host>:<port>/idcws/GenericSoapPort?wsdl
GenericSoapOperation Method
HCM Data Loader (To load data and validate load status)SOAPhttps://<server>/hcmService/HCMDataLoader?WSDL
importAndLoadData, getDataSetStatus Methods
BI Publisher Service (Run the reports and deliver files to the FTP Servers/Email)SOAPReportService: http://<host>:port>/xmlpserver/services/v2/ReportService?wsdl
ScheduleService: http://<host>:<port>/xmlpserver/services/v2/ScheduleService?wsdl
Scheduled ProcessesSOAPhttps://<host>:<port>/ess/esswebservice?wsdl
submitRequest Method
HCM ExtractsSOAPhttps://<server>/hcmBatchProcessCore/PayrollProcessingActionService?WSDL
processExtract Method
Payroll FlowsSOAPhttp://<server>/hcmProcFlowCoreController/FlowActionsService?WSDL Submit Flow, performAction Methods  
User Object (Create, Read, Update, Delete)RESThttps://<server>/hcmRestApi/scim/Users
Employee Object (Create, Read, Update, Delete)RESThttps://<server>/hcmRestApi/resources/
Assignment Object (Create, Read, Update, Delete)RESThttps://<server>/hcmRestApi/resources/{empsUniqID}
empupdate (To track employee Person data changes)ATOM / RESThttps://<host>:<port>/hcmRestApi/atomservlet/employee/empupdate
empassignment (To track employee assignment data changes)ATOM/ RESThttps://<host>:<port>/hcmRestApi/atomservlet/employee/empupdate/empassignment
newhire (To track new hires)ATOM/ RESThttps://<host>:port>/hcmRestApi/atomservlet/employee/empupdate/empassignment/newhire
Termination (To track terminations)ATOM/ RESThttps://<host>:port>/hcmRestApi/atomservlet/employee/empupdate/empassignment/termination
Workforce Structures/jobsATOM/ RESThttps://<host>:port>/hcmRestApi/atomservlet/workstructures/jobs
List of SOAP/ REST Services

For Complete list of web services available, refer below links:

Summary: The above list is the most frequently used web services and not the exhaustive list. Please refer https://fusionhcmknowledgebase.com/2020/05/frequently-used-oracle-documentation-links/ for complete list.

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