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You are currently viewing Displaying Person Images in OTBI Analysis
Displaying Person Images in OTBI Analysis
- Displaying Person Images in OTBI Analysis
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In this article we will look into how to display Person spotlight images on the OBTI analysis.

In the previous article, we saw how to display person images in BI Publisher Report.

Let’s create an analysis based out of Workforce Management – Person Real Time subject area.

Navigate to Tools > Reports and Anlaytics > BI Catalog

Click on New > Analysis > select the Subject Area “Workforce Management – Person Real Time” and drag and drop the below fields from the folders.

person otbi - Displaying Person Images in OTBI Analysis
Person Details from OTBI

Now let’s modify the formula for the Person ID field by clicking on the settings icon beside that field and clicking “Edit Formula

Replace the field content with

'<img src="https://abcd-fa-ext.oracledemos.com//hcmUI/personImage?personId='||CAST("Worker"."Person ID" AS char)||'">'

Replace abcd-fa-ext.oracledemos.com with the actual application link on which you want to create the OTBI.

images - Displaying Person Images in OTBI Analysis
Adding formula to get the image displayed on OTBI

Next we have to set the default format to display html.

Click on Image field Settings > Column Properties > Data Format tab

html format - Displaying Person Images in OTBI Analysis
Change data format to html

Check the Override checkbox and change format to html from text and click OK.

Now, let’s go to Results screen

display imags - Displaying Person Images in OTBI Analysis
We can see that images are getting displayed in OTBI

This is how we implement the images functionality in OTBI Analytics.

Post P2T refresh, we need to change the POD link in the OTBI else the analysis refers to PROD images and might not show data in TEST POD.

Note: Even though the OTBI displays the images, when we export to PDF it doesn’t export the images. That’s the drawback of OTBI over BI Report where the images are also exported to PDF.

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