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Bulk Compile Fast Formulas in Fusion
- Bulk Compile Fast Formulas in Fusion
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In this article we will look into how to bulk compile fast formulas using a payroll flow.

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Steps to run “Compile Formula” process:

Navigate to Payroll > Checklist
From right side menu click Submit a Process or Report

Compile Formulas 1 1024x235 - Bulk Compile Fast Formulas in Fusion
Search for Compile Formula process

Select the required LDG from the dropdown and search for the “Compile Formula” process and click Next.

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Submit Screen

On the Parameters screen, we can see that Formula and Formula Type are required fields to run this process.

If there is a need to compile all payroll formulas, we can use the inputs as below:
Formula – % (Wildcard character – will include all formulas)
Formula Type – Oracle Payroll

If there is a need to compile all formulas starting with XXHR, then we can use inputs like below:
Formula – XXHR% (Will include all formulas starting with XXHR)
Formula Type – % (Wildcard character – Will include all types)

NOTE: However don’t try to run this process by providing % in both Formula and Formula Type as the process will try to compile thousands of formulas and it will impact the performance of the system too and it might result in the below error as well.

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Provide input parameters and submit

Provide Formula and Formula Type and a unique Payroll Flow Name and hit submit.

The process will run to success after some time depending on how many formulas it has to compile.

This method can be used when you migrate formulas from one POD to another and want to save time instead of manually compiling each and every one.

Tip: In order to simplify the compilation task, it’s better to create fast formulas with a client specific code so that they can be bulk compiled easily by providing ABC% in Formula. Ex: ABC_ or XYZ_ or XX_