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You are currently viewing Execute Reports from Navigator without exposing the BI Catalog
Execute Reports from Navigator without exposing the BI Catalog
- Execute Reports from Navigator without exposing the BI Catalog
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In most of the cases, Employees will not have access to Reports and Analytics to access the reports. However if there is a requirement to create a report and provide access to employees, giving access to Reports and Analytics might expose other reports or seeded reports too, hence it is not a wise decision to provide access to BI Catalog.

We can develop the report and add the report hyperlink to the Navigator or Springboard and then give access to Employee role. In this way we are only exposing the single report and the employees will not have access to BI Catalog. However while exposing the hyperlink, we need to ensure we pass the right parameters in order to get it done correctly.. If we copy the report hyperlink directly and put it on navigator, when the employees open the report, they would see the catalog and they can access other reports too if they have data access.

Below is the syntax for the hyperlink that needs to be added to the Navigator:



Description of flags:

_xpf – for internal use – we can leave it as-is.
_xpt – defines whether the report output should be rendered in the full XMLP window. Use a value of 0 or a 1 for just the document itself.
_xdo – this provides the path to the current report, its optional so you can leave it out.
p_asg_num – this is a parameter value for the report, in this case the assignemnt for the data. Of course you can have multiple parameters and their values on the URL
_xt – this controls the template to be used, this is the template name i.e. Standard not the template file name.
_xf – this controls the format of the output to be generated e.g. PDF, HTML, etc
_xautorun – If true, the report is auto run and the o/p is shown

So, when you have a requirement to have report on navigator, you can use this approach and add the report directly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by posting in comments section.

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