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You are currently viewing How to customize the Check print report in Payroll?

In this article, lets look into how to customize the check printing report in Payroll.

For the most frequently used legislation, Oracle provides a seeded check printing template. The Seeded check report will be present at below path:

/Shared/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payment Distribution/Check Report

image 21 1024x555 - How to customize the Check print report in Payroll?

We can see that the seeded templates are available for US, Canada and Middle east legislations.

However if there is a need to modify them, we need to follow a set of steps to achieve it.

1. We need to make a copy of the seeded version using that customize option /Shared Folder/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payment Distribution/Cheque Report > click on More and Customize. We need to go to xmlp server (https://fhcm-test.fa.us6.oraclecloud.com/xmlpserver) in order to see the customize option.
2. It will create a copy of the same report in the custom folder /Share Folder/Custom/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payment Distribution/Cheque Report.
3. Delete the seeded template and re-upload the custom/modified one using the seeded name, so when you upload make sure that both the name of the template and the report you are linked to, are kept in sync with the seeded one.
4. Then run the ‘Generate Cheque Payment Process‘, and the process will invoke the custom version of the template that we uploaded.

If we want to have both seeded and custom templates, then we need to open the PAYMENTS extract for the legislation and add a new delivery option and then add

image 24 - How to customize the Check print report in Payroll?

Click on Advanced Edit (Pencil icon) to the right side.

Now, Click on Extract Delivery Options

image 22 1024x276 - How to customize the Check print report in Payroll?

Next, we need to select the Report Category of “Standard Cheque” on the same page

image 23 - How to customize the Check print report in Payroll?

And add the new delivery option that we created.

Post that, we need to validate the extract from “Extract Execution Tree

Now, when we run the “Generate Cheque Payment Process“, it will show both the seeded pay check file and the custom pay check file.

– The seeded template will still be in the seeded folder /Shared Folder/Human Capital Management/Payroll/Payment Distribution/Cheque Report.
– The user has to have the BI administrator role attached.
– The user has to ensure that the Generate Cheque Payments Role has access to the respective report, normally when the user copies the seeded version that permission will be copied as well.
– During the updates, Oracle does not override or touch any custom version of the templates, which will remain in place as long the user won’t change it. The only thing is if Oracle does make any changes to the seeded template, those are not gonna be incorporated into the custom template.