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How to fix Balance Initialization load errors?

We initialize the balances for the first time after converting the employees using the InitializeBalanceBatchHeader.dat and InitializeBalanceBatchLine.dat

While creating the batch and transferring it, there are some frequently faced issues, we will try to find the fixes for them in this article.

  1. The combination of balances is invalid for the load date – This issue will occur if one or many of the employees in the batch has the same balance and the dimension is being set to a different value. We need to sum up the values for the same balance and dimension for an employee and provide a single entry on the HDL file to resolve this issue
  2. The specified defined balance doesn’t exist. – This issue occurs when the balance definition is not found or the dimension that we are trying to initialize is not added to the balance dimensions. Either use one of the available dimensions to load the balances or add the dimension to the balance definition and then try to reload the batch.
  3. The required value for reference CALC_BREAKDOWN_ID wasn’t provided. – This issue occurs when we try to initialize the balances before the hire date or before the payroll relationship start date. We also need to check the Calculation Card and the Association as of the Balance Initialization date. Modify the date on the HDL file and upload the file to resolve the issue.
  4. The payroll relationship was processed before the upload date. – This issue occurs when there are any other payroll processes run for the employee. This also occurs if the balance initialization was already done for this employee to set some balances and you are trying to load additional balances. We need to roll back the earlier batch and then consolidate all balances into a single file and try uploading it to resolve the issue.