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Payroll Balance Intialization Using HDL

Balance initialization is used primarily to set up balances from legacy systems in case of mid year payroll implementations. If a payroll is implemented at the beginning of a tax year, it may not require initial balances. However, if a payroll is implemented in the middle of a tax year, balance initialization is important to ensure accurate calculations and payroll reporting.

We can load initial balances using HDL.

InitializeBalanceBatchHeader.dat and InitializeBalanceBatchLine.dat are used to initialize balances.


» Organization setup has been completed
» The employee has been created, payroll attached and deduction cards have been created with

A payroll balance is the accumulation of values over a specific period of time. The three main components of a balance are:
» Its name
» Components that feed it (balance feeds)
» Dimensions that define its unique characteristics

For example, the Regular balance is the accumulation of all standard earnings processed in a payroll run.
Dimensions allow you to view the value of a balance based on a predefined combination of:
» Time (such as the Period-To-Date or Year-To-Date dimensions)
» Employment level (assignment, terms, or payroll relationship)
» Context (required for specific balances only, such as tax reporting unit, element, or payroll)

For example, you might want to view gross earnings for one employee for the current pay period, or as of year-to date.

Setting initial balance values is an essential task when you migrate payroll data from another system.

The high-level process is:

  1. Load balance values into batch views.
  2. Submit the Load Initial Balances process

Here is the detailed documentation by Oracle for initializing balances for US legislation:

Here is the detailed documentation by Oracle for initializing balances for UK legislation:

We will be initializing the balances as of the financial year start dates. Ex: 01/01/2022 for US and 04/01/2022 for UK.

Sample HDL files will look like:

COMMENT InitializeBalanceBatchHeader.dat
MERGE|InitializeBalanceBatchHeader|UK Legislative Data Group|UKBalanceInitialization|2022/04/01
COMMENT InitializeBalanceBatchLine.dat
MERGE|InitializeBalanceBatchLine|UK Legislative Data Group|UKBalanceInitialization|1|2022/04/01|12345|ET12345|E12345|UK Monthly|UK Nest Pension Employees Contribution|Relationship Tax Unit Year to Date|FusionHCMKB Limited|111.02

We can combine both files and zip them into a single package and load it. The HDL is smart enough to load the header first followed by lines.

Once we load these files using HDL, we need to run the “Load Initial Balances” from Submit a flow.

My Client Groups > Payroll > Submit a Flow > Select LDG > Search for “Load Initial Balances”

image 2 1024x333 - How to Initialize Payroll Balances using HDL

Next we need to provide the batch name and select Transfer Operation to load the balances.

image 3 1024x321 - How to Initialize Payroll Balances using HDL

Once this process is completed, we will be able to see the balances loaded.