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You are currently viewing How to find the HCM Groups assigned to Employees?
How to find the HCM Groups assigned to Employees?

In this article, we will look into identifying the HCM Groups assigned to employees in Time and Labor module.

HCM Groups are used to group people with similar characteristics for time entry, processing, and device processing objects. A group might have a fixed number of people or you might update the members on a defined basis. An employee can belong to more than one group.

Steps for Configuring and using HCM Groups:

  • Defining membership conditions
  • Including or excluding individuals or other groups
  • Setting embedded group priority
  • Evaluating and refreshing membership
  • Viewing group membership
  • Locking membership

There is no easy way to identify the HCM Groups assigned to an employee on the application as we have to view the members in each group to find out the HCM Groups that an employee belongs to.

Below SQL Query would be handy in such cases to identify all HCM Groups assigned to Employees.

select per.person_number,
from hwm_grp_members_f mem,
hwm_grps_vl grp,
per_all_people_f per,
per_person_names_f ppn
where grp.grp_id = mem.grp_id
and per.person_id = mem.member_id
and per.person_id = ppn.person_id
--and per.person_number = '12345'
and sysdate between mem.effective_start_date and mem.effective_end_date
and sysdate between ppn.effective_start_date and ppn.effective_end_date
-- and grp.group_name like '%GROUP%'

The query can be modified to include a specific person or specific group as per the requirement.

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