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You are currently viewing BI Publisher Audit and Execution Reports
BI Publisher Audit and Execution Reports

In this article we will look into how to audit the BI catalog and the reports inside the catalog and the execution details of reports and data insights. These reports will be very helpful for the IT Security Manager/ IT team in auditing the user access and to prevent any misuse of data.

Oracle has provided with a DOC ID which details the steps that we need to perform to enable BI catalog audit 2059102.1

I will walk you through the high level steps that needs to be performed to set this BI catalog auditing functionality.

The BI Publisher Audit and Performance monitoring will be turned ON by default with 19A patch release and this setting can be seen by navigating to the xmlpserver using the link – https://servername.companyname.com/xmlpserver

Administration -> Server Configuration

image 16 1024x522 - BI Publisher Audit and Execution Reports

This will be enabled by default from 19A. So, this is just for information purpose only.

Next, we need to create Audit Data Source using JNDI Connection.

Click Administration > Data Sources > JNDI Connection, Click Add Data Source. On Add Data Source page, enter Data Source Name: AuditViewDB
JNDI Name: jdbc/AuditViewDB. Click “Test Connection” to confirm the data source works, and click Apply to save.

Note: Under Security section for this Data Source, you can define the roles that will have access to the Audit Data. You can further add security permission to the Audit Folder to secure the access to these reports.

Here is the list of 6 reports that are available as sample Reports built using Audit Data:
1. Audit Reports
   a. Audit Data for Report Execution
   b. Audit Data for Catalog Object Updates
2. Usage Reports
   a. Hourly Concurrency
   b. Report Execution-Time Metrics
   c. Report Performance by Report Type
   d. Runtime Statistics

More details on these reports can be found in the attachment below:

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Downloadable Files:

  • BI Audit Reports Catalog File – Download Link – Can be unarchived from /analytics link

Hope you find this information useful. Stay tuned for updates.