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How to Bulk Load Valueset Values

In this article we will look into loading Valueset values for Independent/Dependent type Valuesets.

Normally we have to add them on the application as there is no HDL available for this business object.

Note: We cannot create Valuesets with this approach. We can only load values to existing Valuesets. So, Valuesets needs to be created manually and then we can load values.

Now we will look into the file structure for loading Valuesets. The file should be a pipe (|) delimited format with all required attributes having values in UTF-8 encoding format. The file extension can be any one of these .dat/.txt/.csv

If you don’t know the basics of Value Sets, please go through the below posts:

The requirements for creating flat files vary with the type of Value Sets:

  • Independent value sets
  • Dependent value sets

Table of Contents

File Format for Independent Valuesets:

image 34 - How to Bulk Load Valueset Values
Independent Valueset Attributes

File Format for Dependent Valuesets:

image 35 - How to Bulk Load Valueset Values
Dependent Valueset Attributes
image 36 - How to Bulk Load Valueset Values
Optional Attributes for both Independent and Dependent Value Sets

Sample Files with different options:

ABC Account Set|12345|Y|1911-01-01|1
ABC Account Set|23456|Y|1911-01-01|2
ABC Account Set|34567|Y|1911-01-01|3
ABC_DEPARTMENT|Database Technology|Y
ABC_LOC_SET|NEW YORK|New York|Y|110|1951-01-01|4712-12-31
ABC_LOC_SET|LOS ANGELES|Los Angeles|Y|111|1951-01-01|4712-12-31
ABC Account Child Set|12345|ABCDEF|Y
ABC Account Child Set|12345|BCDEFG|Y
ABC Account Child Set|23456|POIUYT|Y

Once the input file is prepared we can load this file using the below steps:

Upload File to UCM:

Navigate to Tools > File Import and Export

image 30 - How to Bulk Load Valueset Values
File Import and Export to upload input file to UCM

Browse for the input file and select the Account as hcm/dataloader/import and click Save and Close

image 31 - How to Bulk Load Valueset Values
Upload file to UCM
image 32 - How to Bulk Load Valueset Values

Now, Navigate to Setup and Maintenance > Manage Value Sets

Create the Value Set “ABC Account Set“. We will have to do this manually as the process just loads the values to this value set.

image 33 - How to Bulk Load Valueset Values
Creating Independent Value Set

Now get back to Manage Value Sets task > Click on Actions > Import

image 37 - How to Bulk Load Valueset Values
Actions > Import
image 38 - How to Bulk Load Valueset Values
Provide file details and click upload

Provide the exact input file name, account and click on upload.

image 39 - How to Bulk Load Valueset Values
Process is successful. Download log file and review it

Once it is successful, download log file and check if there are any errors.

image 40 - How to Bulk Load Valueset Values
Processing successful without any errors

As the processing is successful without any errors, we can validate the values for the Value Set.

Search for the Value Set Name in Manage Value Set task:

image 41 - How to Bulk Load Valueset Values
Valueset Values loaded successfully

We can see that Value Set values have been loaded successfully.

Note: We can only load the Value Set Values and not the Value Set structure.