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Get the info of Attachments loaded to UCM

In this article we will look into how to get the information of the attachments that have been loaded to UCM.

When we upload the attachments to UCM using the direct UCM link https://abcd-dev1.fa.us2.oraclecloud.com/cs or Tools > File Import and Export page, a Content ID will be auto generated by the system.

If we need to query all such records that have been uploaded from the system, we can use the below query to get the Title of the File and the Content ID and other attributes of the files that were uploaded. Documentation on this table REVISIONS is not available anywhere on the fusion table and views. However we can get some details on it from UCM server related documentation.

SQL Query to get the Document Information of uploaded file from UCM:

select * from revisions order by DCREATEDATE desc

DDOCNAME – This will store the Content ID generated by the system.
DDOCTITLE – This sill store the Title of the file mentioned while uploading the file
DDOCAUTHOR – This will store the username of the user who uploaded the file.
DCREATEDATE – This will store the creation date of the document on UCM.
DID – This will store the unique document id generated by the system. This field is used by UCM web services to download the file.

Tip: Along with the files uploaded by users to UCM, this query also lists all the Content IDs of the files that have been uploaded to UCM by HCM Extracts (Output files, log files) and any ESS other processes.

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