Monthly Status Report – Thank you for your support
Monthly Status Report – Thank you for your support

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It has been exactly one month I started this website. There were so many questions on my mind before starting like

  • Would I be able to allocate time to post articles?
  • Would audience be interested in the content that I post?
  • Will I be able to write content which makes sense for audience?
  • Will I be able to learn new content and educate others?

With so many questions, I just took the courage and jumped in and started this website with the hope that even if this website helps a few people I would be happy with it.

However in the past month, I have been receiving an overwhelming response from the readers every day for the informative content that is being posted. Some people even criticized me out of their own ignorance but I leave it to them to have a healthy competition. Every other day I receive at least a couple of messages on Whatsapp/ Telegram/ LinkedIn/ Facebook.

  • Some functional consultants have got their hands-on with technical skill set and they want to avoid getting in touch with technical team for every small requirement.
  • Some trainees on fusion were able to get the well needed knowledge on technical tools
  • Some consultants were able to learn the new features in the latest 20B release
  • Some of them were happy to find the interview questions which helped them prepare for interviews.
  • Some of them were happy to see the BI templates and the functions that can be used which were not available elsewhere.

These are all the real feedback that I got from the viewers. If you haven’t gone through the earlier posts you can read through them. And if you feel this is of no help, please leave your comment with what else do you want to see on the website.

Let’s look into some statistics from April 23 – May 22nd:

Total Number of articles posted: 40 (40/30 = 1.33 More than one article per day)
Total Website views: 10000+
Total Page Views: 20000+
Total Number of subscribers on Website: 183
Total Number of Telegram Group Members: 101
Total Number of LinkedIn Group Members: 104

These numbers wouldn’t have been possible without all of your support.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation for the support you provided over the past month and will look forward for your support in the coming months as well.

Here are the TOP 10 trending articles from the last month:

I am looking forward for a new month with lot of enthusiasm and optimism. I will assure you at least one article per day without compromising on the quality of the content. Bouquets and Brickbats are welcome.

if you aren’t part of these groups, please take a minute to join using the below links and make the most out of them.

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Sricharan is a Fusion HCM Solution Architect with over 13+ years of overall experience and 5+ years of Fusion experience. He is passionate about technical aspects of Fusion HCM and writes interesting articles on HCM Extracts, HCM Data Loader, Fast Formula, BI Publisher, Integrations and Automation etc.

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  1. Santosh

    Best wishes my friend. Keep going 🙂

  2. Gopi

    Suoerb Bro. Keep rocking ..

  3. Sricharan

    Thank you guys for your wishes.

  4. Ahmed

    Your blogs are very much useful for all the HCM folks. Keep sharing and continue the good work

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