Introducing Telegram and Linkedin groups
Introducing Telegram and Linkedin groups

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Hello Viewers,

I want to introduce the latest updates from this website.

Telegram and LinkedIn groups have been created with the intent of creating a platform for the audience to have a healthy discussion on Fusion HCM related topics.

I know there are already a number of groups on similar lines. However most of them are not active and are used as medium for getting leads for training or making money by selling dumps(except a few). I want to make these groups unique and avoid any kind of paid services/posts and would need your help in getting that done.

Join our Telegram Group

Please share it with your circle of friends, colleagues and whatsapp groups and make the most out of these new medium.

Note: The updates on latest blog posts will be restricted only to these groups going forward. So stay tuned to these groups for latest updates and happenings.

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