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Redesigning PBL to HDL Transformation Formula

As we all know that PBL (Payroll Batch Loader) is getting decommissioned by Oracle from 20C release. Client PODs are currently on 20A and some of them are getting 20B on their TEST PODs now. So in another four months from now, the 20C would be available and with it the PBL era would end. For the new clients provisioned from 20A, the PBL is by default decommissioned, so they cannot use it till 20C also. Oracle is doing it with a plan to have single data loader for all business objects. I don’t see any harm in having multiple loaders though.

As per the latest update, the PBL will be decommissioned by 20D release and not the 20C release. However it is better not to wait until that time to move your migrations as you have to test the integrations with HDL as I learnt that there are issues with HDL transformation formula. https://fusionhcmknowledgebase.com/2020/04/new-deadline-for-payroll-batch-loader-20d-nov-2020/

Oracle has moved all objects supported by PBL to HDL and suggests everyone to use HDL instead of PBL. While PBL was end user friendly, they can switch on to HSDL which is almost similar.

Many clients have built inbound interfaces using the PBL Transformation Formula which would transform the input flat file data and load them into the business objects. Use cases being loading element entries into Fusion from third party benefit providers/element entries with the time data from third party time collection systems. They used to automate the process using payroll flow and some scripting.

Now with 20C all these integrations will fail until the clients realize this and re-create the HDL transformation formula to achieve the requirement.

HDL Transformation Formula has been introduced since 19C and is still in nascent stage with lot of people trying to achieve the functionality they have implemented in PBL.

More details on HDL Transformation Formula – Click here
More details on PBL Transformation Formula – Click here

Will come up with a detailed example on HDL Transformation Formula soon. Till then go through the details on Oracle documentation and skim through the samples available on the above links.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by posting in comments section.

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